‘Jews for Obama’ on gun control


Israeli_Violations[1]I’m no fan of Barack Hussein Obama. I rarely listen to his speeches which are usually full of religious and political lies except when he delivers them at the NY-based UN Headquarters. On Tuesday, after watching Obama’s crocodile tears during his White House speech announcing executive action on gun control, I had to admit the dude has great potential of having a successful career at Hollywood.

Obama wiped away tears as he recalled 2012 Sandy Hook massacre hoax.

Every time I think about those kids it gets me madder,” Obama said. Watch video below.

Professor James Tracy (Florida Atlantic University) has questioned the Sandy Hook massacre’s official story.

To prove his point he claimed that Noah Pozner, one of the kids who died at Sandy Hook School three years ago, was also reported killed at Pakistan military school in Peshawar in Pakistan in 2014 (here). On December 16, 2015, the FAU fired Dr. James Tracy as result of a vicious campaign run by Pozner family and Jewish groups.

Several Jewish groups have praised new executive actions by Barack Obama to reduce gun violence. During his speech, Obama was cheered by leaders from the National Council of Jewish Women, Jewish Women International, Jewish Council for Public Affairs, ADL, AJC, Central Conference of Rabbis, and of course former Jewish Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who faked a shooting attack in a Tucson suburb in 2011.

Pro-Israel American Jewish groups are the most pro-anti-gun campaigners. Almost every anti-gun law was authored by Jewish lawmakers. Their main excuse is their past victimization in Nazi Germany. However, the same Jewish groups are in the front to force Washington to keep billions of dollars military aid to Israel which has invaded all of its neighbors since 1948.

Rabbi Dovid Bendory publish a good study on why Jews hate guns (here).


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