An Apology For Lord Janner’s Child Abuse Is Overdue

By Gilad Atzmon

The British press reported yesterday that Lord Greville Janner (who passed away last month) was not properly investigated by police for allegations of child abuse and buggery (anal intercourse and bestiality). An independent review has found that The Crown Prosecution Service failed in its responsibility to bring charges against the peer 25 years ago.

The Telegraph wrote “Sir Richard Henriques, a retired High Court judge, found a series of failures in a review of the CPS’s handling of past allegations relating to the Labour peer.”  Sir Richard went as far as describing such police neglect as “remarkable.”

The report found that in 1991 there was sufficient evidence against Lord Janner to provide a realistic prospect of conviction for offences of indecent assault and buggery against a 14-year-old boy, known as “Complainant 1”.

There was also sufficient evidence to prosecute Lord Janner in 2007 for indecent assault and buggery (again) Sir Richard found, adding that the peer should have been arrested and interviewed and his home searched.

The Daily Telegraph and other press outlets list the sex abuse allegations against Lord Janner, a 27 year Labour MP. But there is one thing The Telegraph and other British press outlets fail to mention. They omit the fact that at the time Lord Janner was allegedly sexually abusing young British orphans, sometimes, actually in his marital bed, he was the head of the British Jewish community.

Between 1978 and 1984 Lord Janner was the chairman of Board of Deputies of British Jews, a body with claims to represent British Jewry.  And while inflicting shoah on British orphans, Lord Janner was a prominent advocate of Holocaust education. He was the Chairman of the Holocaust Educational Trust, the President of the Commonwealth Jewish Council, and Vice President of the World Jewish Congress.

At the least, all these prominent Jewish organisations ought to issue an apology or at least admit to gross misjudgement in letting a person who was a suspected paedophile remain a leader of prominent Jewish institutions for almost five decades. Would the English church enjoy such impunity? Would the British Muslim community get away with any of its leaders being associated with buggery and paedophilia? I’ll let you ponder this one.  

We have become inured to watching the Jewish state get away with racist policies, murder, ethnic cleansing, WMD and so on. But here in Britain, it is astonishing, yet far from being surprising,  that the head of the Jewish communitymanaged to escape trial for decades over substantive charges of sexual assault, paedophilia and buggery.

If Jewish power is the capacity to silence the discussion of Jewish power, in the case of Lord Janner, it also managed to delete the fact that Britain’s suspected arch sex offender was also the leader of the Jewish community.

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