The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Al-Shaykh ‘Abdul-‘Azeez bin ‘Abdullah Al-Shaykh, pronounced the playing of chess to be “haraam” or prohibited in Islam.  The cleric issued a fatwaa which formalized Wahhaabism’s rejection of the game of chess which Arabs proudly consider to be a part of their culture, after all, the word “checkmate” in English is from the Arabic “Shaykh Maat” (the shaykh is dead).  And, in that regard, we, too,  wish this so-called Mufti, this shaykh, a quick and painful death.  According to this quack, it is a waste of time to play chess.  It is tantamount to gambling and inevitably causes the competitors to develop hostility to one another.  Can anyone believe this?

He has allowed the marriage of girls under 15 years of age.  He has issued fatwas calling on all good Wahhabis to destroy churches.  A true pillar of tolerance and love, he has suggested the extermination of Shi’is and their progeny, the Alawis, Druze, Zaydis and Ismailis.

His religious disinterest in dental hygiene is best depicted by a full photo of his upper front teeth.  With gums so infected with fly and rat droppings, it is almost miraculous that he even can show his ivories.  We have heard it said that the Mufti demanded that his dentures be made to look as though his teeth were rotting so his followers wouldn’t think he was an hypocrite.  Only the finest dental technicians in Germany were able to recreate that unique appearance of teeth so fouled by decades of sucking on used sandals, sniffing around ladies’ tents………..chewing on his own elbow or biting into used toilet brushes, that it’s a wonder how his formidable immunity to filth kept him alive.

The institution of the mufti in Islam is a venerable one.  Most muftis actually come across as intelligent and well versed in all matters literary, jurisprudential and exegetical.   The word mufti is a noun derived from the root, fa-ta-wa, specifically from the 4th Form Verb, aftaa/yuftee – to issue a religious decree or opinion.  To reach this level of authority, you have to have credentials which are acquired over a span of a lifetime during which you gain the respect of your peers and garner the interest of the ruling classes of the land.  Like the Shi’ite “Marji’”, the mufti is looked to for guidance when a religious question arises.  During Ottoman times,  the sultans looked to their “shaykhulislam” for religious opinions.  Catholics, like Muslims,  often seek the good counsel of their priest who may contact the Vatican to see how to approach a particular religious inquiry.

The office of the mufti in Arabia, however, is something completely different.  It is essentially a mating of vultures who have educations which would qualify them as “illiterate”, “crude”, “educable” and “mildly retarded”.  If a Saudi mufti were applying for Social Security Disability Benefits, he would find the evidentiary threshold quite easy since it would be improbable for any Administrative Law Judge not to recognize the active disease which prevents Wahhabis from muttering anything comprehensible or uttering one grammatical sentence.  Once you have accepted Wahhabism, it is almost the same as becoming a “devout” Evangelical or Pentecostal – which begs the question as to whether Ted Cruz isn’t on Social Security.  It is a wasting disease.  It has no cure but the Grim Reaper.

There is talk about a revolt in Saudi Arabia against the ruling Wahhabist savages.  If the insurgents are looking for a good reason to put that stinking House of Saud to death, let them look to the chess board.  Let them look at the opprobrium and shame they have brought to the great religion of Islam.  Good grief! Isn’t there one Muslim out there who is willing to denounce this cult of ignorance?  ZAF

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Saudi Withdraws “Terrorism” Books from Scholastic Bookshops

Local Editor

The Saudi ministry of education ordered the withdrawal of all the books written by the extremist cleric Salman al-Awda and all the Muslim Brotherhood clerics, including Yousuf Qaradawi, from the scholastic bookshops.

According to the Saudi al-Hayat newspaper, the ministry said that it banned all the “terrorism” books, claiming that it would take similar actions against all the publications which contradict with Islamic Sharia’a.

Around 80 books issued by the Muslim Brotherhood had been banned by the ministry of Education in the various Saudi provinces.

Source: Newspapers

23-01-2016 – 15:12 Last updated 23-01-2016 – 16:59

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