Thank you Putin, Russia’s Air Force Destroys Largest ISIS Camp in East Hama

Russian Air Force Destroys Largest ISIS Camp in East Hama

Al Masdar News

The Russian Air Force has been relentlessly targeting the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) between the Hama and Homs Governorates as of late, striking several of the terrorist group’s strongholds and convoys in the cities of Quraytayn, Palmyra, ‘Aqayrbat, and Qunbar.
On Saturday evening in the Hama Governorate’s eastern countryside, the Russian Air Force struck two of the largest ISIS military camps near the Al-Raqqa Governorate border, destroying these sites after conducting a half dozen airstrikes.
According to a military source from the Syrian Arab Air Force, the Russian airstrikes caused a massive explosion inside the ISIS stronghold of Aqayrbat in the Al-Salamiyah District of east Hama; this attack reportedly struck a missile depot inside the terrorist camp.
The massive explosions from the city of Aqayrbat could be heard as far west as Al-Salamiyah and as far south as the Al-Sha’ar Mountains (Jabal Al-Sha’ar) in the Homs Governorate.
In addition to destroying the ISIS military camp at Aqayrbat, the Russian Air Force also destroyed the terrorist group’s second largest camp in east Hama at the nearby town of Qunbar, where dozens of enemy combatants were reportedly killed by airstrikes.
Much of ISIS’ missiles and rockets were stored in the Aqayrbat and Qunbar camps; this is one of the reasons why the Russian Air Force targeted them on Saturday night.

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  1. cut off the new world orders head and stop them too as soon as possible please Mr Putin

  2. I’m so greatful to Mr Putin and cannot wait while he gets the New world order lot cos the stuff they are doing is un believable they are the monsters behind this whole mess, and you know what the say cut off the head and eventually it will fall down dead

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  4. They have to bomb at night, so they can not run away

  5. well done, terrorism must be vanished, Thank you Putin!

  6. Please complete this story by reporting, after inspection of some un- exploded ordinance it is now known what country are the suppliers of these arms.

  7. HA HA Die you animals of satan. go to hell with your 72 goats!!

  8. great job putin , u have shown how much u love ur country .

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