Bernie Sanders the ‘Outsider’?

I find it kind of amusing that people keep referring to a man who has served in Congress for the past quarter of a century as an “outsider.”

The Palestine-Israel conflict is “complicated,” Bernie Sanders says in the above video. Obviously the most logical way of bringing a resolution to this terribly “complicated” conflict would be for Israel to end its occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, but you’ll notice that Sanders doesn’t call for that.

My guess is that Sanders would be a perfectly acceptable candidate to AIPAC.

In the next video, a woman asks Sanders whether he would be prepared to use the billions of dollars in US aid as “leverage” to force Israel to end its occupation. You’ll notice that while he mouths some of the same platitudes as in the first video, he never directly answers her question. While he does express a sort of general philosophical opposition to the settlements (which he would certainly want to do since he’s addressing a crowd of Democratic supporters rather than the largely Jewish crowd he addresses in the first video), he never talks specifically about ending US aid to the Jewish state.

And basically he throws out the same scripted platitudes in this video as well. It’s an incredible tragedy, I don’t have a magic solution…bla bla bla…but, well…you know…

To sum it all up, Sanders believes Israel “has a right to exist” on land it stole from the Palestinians in 1948, but he has a few reservations on it’s continuing to grab and occupy all the additional land it has stolen since then–though this should not be in any way be grounds for cutting off US aid.

Is it really possible for a member of the US Senate to be a Zionist and an “outsider” at the same time?

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