Blackwater Decides to Withdraw after Suffering Heavy Losses in Taiz

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Blackwater Company decided to withdraw its mercenaries from al-Amri front in Taiz governorate after suffering major losses.

Blackwater’s decision to withdraw its most important battalion which has been named “Striking Force” of al-Amri front comes as a result of the human causalities in their ranks. This is based on the decision of the president of the legation board, Farsan Malta Blackwater, in which 7 faced death, thirty nine wounded and three missing from the mercenaries from Colombia, Valenzuela and Australia.

The decision caused a state of tension and confusion in the ranks of the UAE invasion forces that have been brought to Yemen.

In the meantime, security and military leaders of the UAE suddenly arrived in Aden on a private jet. The commander of the UAE Army Intelligence, Mazuod Al-Shehi, and the assistant of the commander of the UAE Air Force, Ibrahim Nassir Al-Alawi.

In this context, 5 planes are now waiting to start the transfer of Blackwater mercenaries from Yemen.

The army and people’s committees have announced the death of 7 which include the battalion commander of the Strike Force, Faselaf se serj, a Ukranian.

In addition to Alfobrnaryo, Colombian, Alvarez Banseros Chilli, Jarcko Fetals, Colombian, Jack Rechardson, Australian, Kasias Banuwater, Valenzuela and Karira de Nora, Colombian. Another thirty nine have been injured in clashes of al-Amri front before two days.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team

Saudi Invading Army Inflicted Heavy Losses by Yemen’s Qaher1 Missile Attack

The Saudi army suffered heavy losses on Tuesday when the Yemeni army and Popular Committees targeted the Jizan Regional Airbase by a domestically developed Qaher1 ballistic missile, sources told Al-Manar website.

The sources revealed that Saudi Crown Prince and Defense Minister Mohammed bin Salman paid a quick visit under very tight security measures to Jizan Public Hospital to check the dead and wounded among his soldiers who were killed in the strike on the Airport.

Bin Salman also visited a field hospital set up in the area following the aggression on Yemen after Jizan hospital became incapable of receiving the large number of dead and wounded among the Saudi ranks.

The Jizan regional airport was turned to be a military base for attacks after the start of the Saudi-US aggression on Yemen, and civil aviation was moved to Abha Airport.

Overland transport costs from Jizan to Abha are paid by the Saudi government.

Tuesday operation was the third time in which Yemeni forces fired Qaher1 at the airbase.

Source: Al-Manar Website

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