Ziad Fadel

It is said that all Frenchmen of a certain class are in love with themselves.  Laurent Fabius is one such egotistical nincompoop who practices nobility in the mirror each day as if he were getting dialysis.  This buffoon, like so many European diplomats, such as De Mistoura, par example,  is decked out in the most elegant looking diplomatic monkey suits inevitably designed by his own tailors – he would never be caught dead in Savile Row since the pretense to hating the English inevitably revolves around such frivolities – to exude that certain French-ness, the look of sartorial splendor as a message to all women that, whilst he may not be Jean Paul Belmondo sullenly sucking on a Caporal, he is much more likely to keep his mistresses in fat city.  But, even the most empty-headed dinkeldorffs eventually can see the sliding doors of inevitability, the gateway of failure and mediocrity.  After all, when all is said and done, all the worst intentions  in the world can’t transform a sow’s ear into a silk purse.

This Saudi catamite – buttocks-osculating oaf – coprophage extraordinaire – his nostrils flared beneath arched eyebrows as though the odor of Saudi scat were infused with ambergris, a work of the House of Balmain – was at the avant-garde of epicene overdressed pedophiles, when, in fact, he was more of a garde-crotte for Hollande’s myriad policy disasters.  He sought out the murder of innocent Syrian citizens with his brazen, unabashed bloodthirstiness mirroring the same plague carried by the race of Saudi apes whom he sought to serve.

This dismal issue of Ashkenzi Jewish parentage which, like the Marranos, converted to Catholicism and raised this runt as a socialist patrician hypocrite, Fabius worked his way down the ladder of the party which would eventually deliver shame and opprobrium to the people of France by championing the nomination of Francois Hollande as the president of the country.  With this, Fabius was himself plunged down the main sewer pipe of the Quai D’Orsay into a world populated by Arabian pedophiles and perverts where he would find his niche.

Dr. Assad, always polite and diplomatic, has bade farewell to so many others who broached the subject of his finitude:  Guido Westerwelle, Nicolas Sarkozy, Sergio Berlusconi, William Hague, Chuck Hagel, General Martin Dempsey, Jose Zapatero, Saud Al-Faysal and the list goes on and on.

It is said this son of a rabid cur will remove himself to take up a post with the French Constitutional Council, a Supreme Court tasked with determining the validity of legislation.  We wish the French constitution the best of luck with this queer duck quacking in the halls of Justice.


Au revoir, Fabius.  Tab-yet.  Arrivederci.  Hasta Luego. Ma’a Al-Salaama. Auf Wiedersehen. Valevedere.  Khodaa-Haafez.  Sayorara. Jajinn. Dosvedanye. Putang-inamou. 

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