Sheikh Qassem: Hezbollah Won’t Let Saudi Control Lebanon

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Sheikh QassemHezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem said that some Lebanese factions aim at turning Lebanon to be a Saudi province, asserting that the party wants the country to be completely independent.

It is well-known that the former Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal frustrated the Lebanese efforts to conduct the presidential elections because he rejected one of the candidates despite the approval of most of the Lebanese political factions, Sheikh Qassem added.

His eminence noted that Faisal commanded Lebanese MP Saad al-Hariri to refrain from participating in the elections.

In a different context, Sheikh Qassem asserted that certain Lebanese factions criticize Hezbollah military intervention in Syria despite the fact that they supported the terrorist groups in Syria since the inception of the crisis.

“One of the Lebanese MPs moved to Turkey on order to play the role of funding the militant groups in Syria.”

“Those factions provided the terrorists in Syria with weaponry as well, and no one can forget Lotfallah ship which was discovered before they dispatch it to the militant groups.”

“Hezbollah publicly announced his military intervention in Syria, but they used the humanitarian disguise to hide their military support to the terrorist groups, including ISIL and Nusra.”

Locally, his eminence called on all the Lebanese political parties to tackle the socio-economic issues despite the presidential void.

Is it right to deactivate the public institutions because we have failed to elect a new president? Sheikh Qassem.

Sheikh Qassem delivered his remarks in a ceremony organized by Hezbollah to mourn the death of mujahid Dr. Qafiq Mohammad Bajouk

Source: Hezbollah Media Relations

18-02-2016 – 20:58 Last updated 18-02-2016 – 20:58


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