Weapons-Loaded Vessel Seized in Greece Belongs to Three Lebanese Nationals

E. al-Rihani

Cookie Boy vessel Turkish media outlets reported three days ago that Greek Coast Guards has confiscated a vessel loaded with weapons, that has departed from the Turkish city of Izmir and was heading to Lebanon.

Al-Manar TV learned that the vessel, raising the flag of Togolese Republic off Rodos island, belongs to three Lebanese nationals who reside in north Lebanon.

Turkish mass media stated that the vessel, named Cookie Boy, has moved from Izmir port on Feb. 4 and stopped for several days in the Mediterranean sea, which raised the concerns of coastal guards in Greece who drive it by force to Crete island.

Upon searching it, weapons and ammunitions were detected, 11-crew member have been arrested, including 6 Syrians, 4 Indians and a Lebanese.

Greek authorities opened investigation to uncover the case.

Original Report in Arabic by Zeinab Naji


Source: Al-Manar Website

03-03-2016 – 15:28 Last updated 03-03-2016 – 15:28


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