Al-Moallem: Labeling Hizbullah is ’Ridiculous’, We Will Send Aggressors in Plastic Coffins

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Syrian FM Walid al-Moallem announced that his country has received a letter from the UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura scheduling Monday as a date for meeting in Geneva within the Syrian-Syrian dialogue.

Syrian FM Walid al-Moallem

“Meeting with our delegation at first is a good thing,” he said.

In a press conference on Saturday, al-Moallem added: “We are looking forward to having dialogue with the broadest spectrum of opposition groups in implementation of de Mistura’s mandate by the UN Security Council and the two Vienna communiques, particularly the national opposition that is not linked to any foreign agendas.”

“Our delegation is ready to discuss the agenda of the next round of negotiations,” he mentioned.

However, he warned that the Syrian government will wait only 24 hours for opposition in Geneva.

To De Mistura, the head of the Syrian diplomacy sent a clear message: “We fear no one and will not accept anymore any opinion away from objectivity.”

“The election belongs to the Syrian people, who are to decide the country’s future,” he said noting that “the Syrian government does not accept reservations from any one on the coming Syrian Constitutional event.”

According to al-Moallem, elections is a constitutional requirement that must be respected. It doesn’t oppose the Geneva dialogue.

He further affirmed that the right of the Syrian armed forces to respond to the militants’ violations to the Agreement on Cessation of Hostilities

Meanwhile, he optimistically predicted that the crisis began moving towards the end. “We welcome all who wish to join the armed forces, to confront terrorism.”

In response to talks on dividing Syria, al-Moallem mentioned: “Our people reject any attempt to divide Syria. We refuse any talk about federalism, and we are with the unity of Syria.”

“No one dares to launch a ground intervention in Syria and he who has the desire, let him succeed in Yemen. He, who wants to defy us through a military solution, is welcome and because the wooden coffins are expensive, we will send them in plastic ones.”

Al-Moallem also commented on the Arab League’s decision of labeling Hizbullah as “terrorist. He describe it as ridiculous. “We thank God that we are no more members of this organization.”

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team

12-03-2016 | 13:55

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  1. I haven’t the time or energy to view the videos, but, after reading the text, I write “Viva Syria!” The Arab League is complicit with Zionism and Western colonialism/imperialism. Damn it! I too am glad that Syria is not a member. (Could it possibly be that PALESTINE voted in favor of Hezbollah’s designation as a “terrorist” organization?–I dearly hope not. There is only one terrorist organization in Palestine’s immediate vicinity, and it is the criminally psychotic, demonic Zioentity, practicing “state” terrorism. The Arabs of Saudi ilk, and other Muslims like Turkey in the region, have lost track of their real enemy. Shame on them….)

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