Washington Wants War, not Peace, in Syria

Washington Wants War, not Peace, in Syria

Stephen Lendman

So called cessation of hostilities and upcoming peace talks on resolving Syria’s conflict belie Washington’s rage for war and regime change.
Peace and stability are anathema to America’s regional objectives. Endless war serves them. Obama is no peacemaker.
He continues bombing seven countries illegally, way exceeding the worst of George Bush – including Afghanistan and Pakistan (AfPak), Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen.
Murder by drone is official US policy, killing few so-called high-profile targets, overwhelmingly affecting noncombatant civilians, the latest atrocity in Somalia.
On March 8, drones and warplanes killed about 150 Somalis. No evidence suggests they were terrorists as claimed. Rules of engagement authorize anything goes. Indiscriminate murder refutes the dominant narrative’s Big Lie.
In testimony this week to Senate Armed Services Committee members, head of US Central Command (CENTCOM) General Lloyd Austin urged reestablishing the program to train and equip so-called “moderate rebels.”
“I’ve asked for permission to restart the effort by using a different approach,” he said.
False! The proposed new approach belies what’s been ongoing throughout five years of endless war, resolution nowhere in sight.
No moderate rebels exist. All anti-government forces are terrorists, imported from scores of countries, regional and elsewhere.
The so-called earlier program to defeat ISIS never existed, funds used to recruit and train their fighters, along with other anti-Syrian death squads.
It remains ongoing, using terrorist foot soldiers to oust Assad, replace his legitimate government with one Washington controls, partition Syria into two or more mini-states, steal its resources, exploit its people.
So-called peace talks are dead-on-arrival before beginning next week – if at all after numerous postponements.
Cessation of hostilities is pure illusion. Multiple violations occur daily. Lower intensity fighting is temporary ahead of war winds again reaching gale force.
Conflict continues because Washington rejects peace. All post-9/11 wars continue endlessly, Afghanistan to reach its 15th anniversary this October – resolution nowhere in sight, or in other US war theaters.
Permanent war is official US policy, serving longstanding imperial objectives, with bipartisan support – humanity more threatened today than any previous time in history.
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