Saudi Regime Hands in Corpse of Young Citizen after Detention

Local Editor

MartyrThe Saudi regime authorities handed in the corpse of the martyr Makki al-Arid who was arrested a month ago at a checkpoint in al-Safwa in Qatif, two days before they tortured and killed him.

The circulated images show how the corpse of the young Saudi is influenced by the torture committed by the regime police who claimed that Arid died due to psychological problems.

Martyr Arid’s family rejected the regime’s extortion to sign a document that indicates that natural reasons was behind his death, asserting that he was martyred due to the severe beating and torturing he suffered at the jail.

Awamiya town and Arid’s family bade farewell to the martyr amid a widespread public anger, knowing that the authorities is still detaining the corpses of a number of martyrs including that of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr.

Source: Al Manar TV

31-03-2016 – 19:08 Last updated 31-03-2016 – 19:08


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