Obama’s ISIL ‘Cause is Lost’. Thanks to PUTIN

Obama: ISIL Group’s ‘Cause is Lost’

The so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria terrorist group is on the defensive and “their cause is lost,” US President Barack Obama said Wednesday after meeting with CIA chiefs and other security officials.

ObamaObama paid a rare visit to CIA headquarters in Virginia to discuss progress of ‘Operation Inherent Resolve’, the 20-month-old U.S.-led failed campaign in Iraq and Syria.

“ISIL is on the defensive, and we are on the offensive,” Obama said. “We have momentum, and we intend to keep that momentum.”

Obama pointed to alleged US air strikes that killed three senior ISIL leaders and a report this week showing the group’s ranks are at their lowest level since 2014.

“In the days and weeks ahead we intend to take out more (leaders.) Every day, ISIL leaders wake up and understand it could be their last,” Obama said.

“Their ranks of fighters are estimated to be at the lowest levels in two years and more and more are realizing that their cause is lost,” he added.

Obama stressed the importance of ending the five-year war in Syria as key to facilitating a lasting defeat of the ISIL terrorist group.

“So we continue to work for a diplomatic end to this awful conflict,” he said.

Source: AFP

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  1. “So we continue to work for a diplomatic end to this awful conflict.”

    What a storied HYPOCRITE!!

    The “five-year war in Syria” has occurred in its entirety on Obama’s POTUS watch; he could have diplomatically ended it at the git-go and then at numerous intervals in the interim. But no: he continued to surround himself with neocon psychopaths, most of the “intellectual” loudmouths of whom are Jewish and Zionist, full-on bent to advance the interests of the Zioentity so-called Israel.

    End the USrael “entangling alliance”! Then we can get about the task of building a better America and facilitating the onset of a kinder, more gentle world!

    Viva Palestine! Palestine Is Still The Issue!

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