Is Tzipi Livni Smelly?

Tzipi Livni, a former Israeli minister as well as a war criminal, spoke at Harvard Law School last week. During the Q&A session, a student got up and asked Livni ‘how is it that you are so smelly?’ Some Jews were offended and interpreted the comments as being anti-Semitic.

The student, a third-year male law student who is president of a pro-Palestine group, has since apologised. The student claims not to have known that attributing smelliness to Jews is a well established anti-Semitic stereotype.

However, the incident raises a few crucial questions. The rebellious student directed his question to Tzipi Livni. He didn’t refer to the Israeli politician ‘as a Jew’ or claimed that Jews are smelly in general. “My question is for Tzipi Livni,”  the student asked, “how is it that you are so smelly?”  One may wonder why is it that when a gentile questions the distinctive odour of one particular Jewish person, many other Jews feel accused of being collectively smelly?  On a further thought, how is it that many Jews care so much about a young student who doesn’t approves of Tzipi Livni’s smell, yet turn a blind eye to Israeli crimes and Jewish Lobby war mongering that reflects badly on Jewish people as a collective?

P.S We have learned from the Israeli press that Mrs Livni decided to take a shower. Apparently,  she isn’t smelly for the moment. JSG (Jews Smell Great) welcomed Livni’s hygienic manoeuvre..

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