Montreal Mayor: Zionists: YES; Nazis: NO

Mayor Denis Coderre of Montreal, Quebec has announced that he will erase all traces of Nobel Prize winning French doctor Alex Carrel (d. 1944) because of his alleged Nazi ties.

A Montreal street and a park named after Alex Carrel had long been a target of Canada’s Organized Jewry lead by B’nai B’rith and CIJA. David Ouellette leader of CIJA praised Denis Coderre for honoring the Holocaust victims.

The French surgeon and biologist won the Nobel Prize in 1912 for work in vascular suturing and transplants, but became the subject of vilification by Jewish-controlled press and pro-Israel lobby groups for allegedly supporting eugenics and the French Vichy regime, which allegedly collaborated with the Nazis during the Second World War.

French Vichy regime like Nazis have been demonized by the Organized Jewry while hiding the fact that tens of thousands of German and French Jews and Jewish terrorist groups supported them. While French Vichy regime is accused of sending thousands of French Jews to the so-called Gas Chambers – the regime allowed 10,000 Turk Jews living in France to return to Kemalist Turkey.

Last year, Gatineau officials removed Carrel’s name from a street and did likewise for Philipp Lenard, a German physicist who won the Nobel in 1905 but was also an adviser to Adolf Hitler.

Hitler’s family physician  Dr. Edward Bloch was Jewish and very fond of Hitler.

Many French intellectuals admired Hitler like Savitri Devi without collaborating with Nazis.

Last week, Denis Coderre, had declared anti-Israel French comedian Dieudonne’s up-coming shows in Montreal as threat to Canadian society (here).

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