israel’s oil drilling in Dead Sea area violates int’l law

Israel’s oil drilling in Dead Sea area violates int’l law

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RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The Palestinian Economic Council for Development and Reconstruction (PECDAR) has demanded Israel to stop any oil drilling operations in the Dead Sea area, which is located within the boundaries of the Palestinian state under the international law.

Head of the council Mohamed Ashtiya stated on Monday that Israel’s extraction of oil from this area would violate international laws and resolutions, warning that the Palestinian Authority would raise the issue legally and diplomatically and demand compensation for any Israeli violation in this regard.

“The Dead Sea is one of the most important natural resources for the Palestinian people, but Israel has been depleting it since 1948, which has led to a decline in its water level,” Ashtiya underlined.

He affirmed that Area C, where the oil field was discovered, was supposed to be under Palestinian sovereignty 18 years ago, but Israel’s disrespect for the agreements prevented that.

The Palestinian official called for international action to stop Israel from drilling for oil in the Dead Sea area, pointing out that that the revenues from the field might not be big, but it would have a positive impact on the Palestinian economy if the Palestinians were enabled to extract oil from it.

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