NATO [and rogue States allies], beware what you wish for: because Russia is already ready for war



(By Pepe Escobar, RT)
~ So foreign ministers from the 28 NATO member-nations met in Brussels for a two-day summit, while mighty military power Montenegro was inducted as a new member.

Global Robocop NATO predictably discussed Afghanistan (a war NATO ignominiously lost); Iraq (a war the Pentagon ignominiously lost); Libya (a nation NATO turned into a failed state devastated by militia hell); Syria (a nation NATO, via Turkey, would love to invade, and is already a militia hell).

Afghans must now rest assured that NATO’s Resolute Support mission – plus“financial support for Afghan forces” – will finally assure the success of Operation Enduring Freedom forever.

Libyans must be reassured, in the words of NATO figurehead secretary Jens Stoltenberg, that we“should stand ready to support the new Government of National Accord in Libya.”

And then there’s the icing on the NATO cake, described as “measures against Russia”.

Stoltenberg duly confirmed, “We have already decided to enhance our forward presence in the eastern part of our alliance. Our military planners have put forward proposals of several battalions in different countries in the region. No decision has been taken on the numbers and locations.”

These puny “several battalions” won’t cause any Russian planner to lose sleep. The real “measure” is the deployment of the Aegis Ashore system in Romania last week – plus a further one in Poland in 2018. This has been vehemently opposed by Moscow since the early 2000s. NATO’s argument that the Aegis represents protection against the“threat” of ballistic missiles from Iran does not even qualify as kindergarten play.

Every Russian military planner knows the Aegis is not defensive. This is a serious game-changer – as in de-localizing US nuclear capability to Eastern Europe. No wonder Russian President Vladimir Putin had to make it clear Russia would respond “adequately” to any threat to its security.

Predictably all Cold War 2.0 hell broke loose, all over again.

A former NATO deputy commander went ballistic, while saner heads wonderedwhether Moscow, sooner rather than later, would have had enough of these shenanigans and prepare for war.


That worthless Patriot

A case can be made that the Beltway – neocons and neoliberalcons alike – do not want a hot war with Russia. What they want, apart from racking in more cash for the Pentagon, is to raise the ante to such a high level that Moscow will back down – based on a rational cost analysis. Yet oil prices will inevitably rise later in 2016 – and under this scenario Washington is a loser. So we may see a raise of interest rates by the Fed (with all the money continuing to go to Wall Street) trying to reverse the scenario.

Comparisons of the current NATO buildup to pre-WWII buildups, or to NATO when opposed to the Warsaw Pact, are amateurish. The THAAD and Patriot missiles are worthless – according to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) themselves; that’s why they tried to improve them with Iron Dome.

Meanwhile, those new NATO army “battalions” are inconsequential. The basic thrust behind the Pentagon’s moves under neocon Ash Carter continues to be to draw Russia ever further into Syria and Ukraine (as if Moscow actually was involved in, or wanted, a Ukrainian quagmire); trap Russia in proxy wars; and economically bleed Russia to death while crippling the bulk of oil and natural gas income to the Russian state.

Russia does not want – and does not need – war. Yet the “Russian aggression”narrative never stops. Thus it’s always enlightening to come back to this RAND corporation study, which examined what would happen if a war actually took place. RAND reached an “unambiguous” conclusion after a series of war games in 2015-2015; Russia could overrun NATO in a mere 60 hours – if not less – if it ever amounted to a hot war on European soil.

The Rand Corporation is essentially a CIA outpost – thus a propaganda machine. Yet it’s not propaganda to state the Baltic States and Ukraine would completely fall in less than three days before the Russian Army. However, the suggestion that additional NATO air power and heavily armored combat divisions would make a material difference is bogus.

The Aegis changes the game in the sense that it qualifies as a launch area for US missile defense. Think US missiles with minimum flying time – around 30 minutes – from Moscow; that’s a certified threat to the Russian nation. The Russian military has also been“unambiguous”; if it is ascertained that NATO – via the Pentagon – is about to try something funny, there are grounds for a preventive strike by Iskander-M systems out of Transnistria – as in the destruction of the US missiles by conveniently armed precision weapons.

Meanwhile, Moscow has pulled a stunning success – of course, it’s far from over – in Syria. So what’s left for the Pentagon – via NATO – is essentially to play the scare tactics card. They know Russia is prepared for war – certainly much better prepared than NATO. They know neither Putin nor the Russian military will back down because of kindergarten scaremongering. As for a too conciliatory tone by the Kremlin towards Washington, things may be about to change soon.

S-500 Prometey air and missile defense system-3

Say hello to my S-500

The Russian military are about to test the first prototypes of the S-500 Prometey air and missile defense system, also known as 55R6M Triumfator M – capable of destroying ICBMs, hypersonic cruise missiles and planes at over Mach 5 speeds; and capable of detecting and simultaneously attacking up to ten ballistic missile warheads at a range of 1300 km. This means the S-500 can smash ballistic missiles before their warheads re-enter the atmosphere.


So in the case of RAND-style NATO pussyfooting, the S-500 would totally eliminate all NATO air power over the Baltic States – while the advanced Kornet missile would destroy all NATO armored vehicles. And that’s not even considering conventional weapon hell.

If push comes to nuclear shove, the S-400 and especially the S-500 anti-missile missiles would block all incoming US ICBMs, cruise missiles and stealth aircraft. Offensive drones would be blocked by drone defenses. The S-500 practically consigns to the dustbin stealth warplanes such as the F-22, F-35 and the B-2.

The bottom line is that Russia – in terms of hypersonic missile development – is about four generations ahead of the US, if we measure it by the development of the S-300, S-400 and S-500 systems. As a working hypothesis, we could describe the next system – already in the drawing boards – as the S-600. It would take the US military at least ten years to develop and roll out a new weapons system, which in military terms represents a generation. Every Pentagon planner worth his pension plan should know that.

Russian – and Chinese – missiles are already able to knock out the satellite guidance systems for US nuclear tipped ICBMs and cruise missiles. They could also knock out the early alert warnings that the satellite constellations would give. A Russian hypersonic ICBM flight time, launched for instance from a Russian nuclear sub all the way to the US East Coast, counts for less than 20 minutes. So an early warning system is absolutely critical. Don’t count on the worthless THAAD and Patriot to do their job. Once again, Russian hypersonic technology has already rendered the entire missile defense system in both the US and Europe totally obsolete.

So why is Moscow so worried by the Pentagon placing the Aegis system so close to Russia’s borders? A credible answer is that Moscow is always concerned that the US industrial military-complex might develop some really effective anti-missile missiles even though they are now about four generations behind.

At the same time, Pentagon planners have reasons to be very worried by what they know, or hint. At the same time the Russian military – in a very Asian way – never reveal their full hand. The key fact of the matter needs to be stressed over and over again; the S-500 is impenetrable – and allows Russia for the first time in history to launch a first strike nuclear attack, if it ever chooses to do so, and be immune to retaliation.

The rest is idle babbling. Still, expect the official Pentagon/NATO narrative to remain the same. After all, the industrial-military complex is a cash-devouring hydra, and a powerful enemy is a must (the phony Daesh “caliphate” does not count).

Can Russia Destroy US Missile Defenses in Europe?

S-500 Prometey air and missile defense system-1

The Threat Narrative rules that Russia has to meekly accept being surrounded by NATO. Russia is not allowed any response; in any case, any response will be branded as “Russian aggression”. If Russia defends itself, this will be“exposed” as an unacceptable provocation. And may even furnish the pretext for a pre-emptive attack by NATO against Russia.

Now let those Pentagon/NATO planners duly go back to play in their lavish kindergarten.

Pepe Escobar is an independent geopolitical analyst. He writes for RT, Sputnik and TomDispatch, and is a frequent contributor to websites and radio and TV shows ranging from the US to East Asia. He is the former roving correspondent for Asia Times Online. Born in Brazil, he’s been a foreign correspondent since 1985, and has lived in London, Paris, Milan, Los Angeles, Washington, Bangkok and Hong Kong. Even before 9/11 he specialized in covering the arc from the Middle East to Central and East Asia, with an emphasis on Big Power geopolitics and energy wars. He is the author of “Globalistan” (2007), “Red Zone Blues” (2007), “Obama does Globalistan” (2009) and “Empire of Chaos” (2014), all published by Nimble Books. His latest book is “2030”, also by Nimble Books, out in December 2015.


NATO exercises on Russian border:
Are these people actually mad?


Ex-general says NATO-Russia nuclear war
‘possible within a year’


Russia Today
Submitted by SyrianPatriots 
War Press Info Network at:

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Update: According to Al mayadeen over 500 terrorist killed
Ziad Fadel


ALEPPO:  The Syrian Army is now in full control of the Castillo Highway as it settles its artillery 1km from the access route into the city.  It’s under complete artillery control and the Turks can’t do anything to help, probably because they’re busy trying to explain how they got this whole thing started from the beginning.  I told you yesterday that the SAA was in control of over 75% of Al-Mallaah Farms.  It’s now over 90% with the rodents staggering in disbelief as reinforcements they brought up for this battle melted away.  They came from Khaan Toomaan and Zaytaan, with scores of suicide drivers to buttress the walls of defense they thought they could put up.  But, the SAA’s tactics anticipated exactly that and the SAAF coupled with brand new rocket systems pummeled away at groups of collecting vermin and wiped them out.


The major terrorist force here is Jaysh Al-Fath which is liaised with Nusra/Alqaeda, Harakat Noor-Al-Deen Al-Zangi, Ahraar Al-Shaam Al-Islaamiyya, Hizb Al-Islaami Al-Turkistaani, Jaysh Al-‘Izza, Ansaar Al-Shaam, First and Second Coastal Divisions, Jaysh Al-Nasr, Jaysh Al-Tahreer and Jaysh Al-Nusra.  All these groups sent their most prideful nihilists to fight the Syrian Army, but, when it came to surprising our forces, their tactics proved woefully inadequate as their over 40 trucks laden with explosions were all destroyed either by the Air Force or by our roaming rangers armed with Kornets, Milans or RPG anti-tank rockets.

This morning, the SAA positioned artillery at Dhahrat Al-Farraam facing the Castillo Highway and all access routes.   We are also but a 2km distance from Huraytaan. Here are the names of the carcasses which have been collected by the SAA-MI people and the names confirmed:

‘Abdul-Lateef ‘Abdul-Rahmaan Darweesh (Jaysh Al-Fath field commander and career criminal)

Marwaan Khalaf Al-Beedaywi

Mahmoud ‘Abdul-Qaadir Sanaadeeqi

Muhsin Mabrook ‘Arfaan

Shaadi Muhammad Taweel

Wajeeh Ahmad Al-‘Ali Al-Yusuf

Ameen Mahmoud ‘Ali-Bayk

Nabeel Al-Khaalid Ayman Al-Taqi

Khaalid ‘Abdul-Haqq

Ghassaan Abu-Rashaad

Mahdi Hassan Al-Hakeem

Falaah Jaabir ‘Ajlaani

Scores of others were not identified.


In a vain attempt to re-conquer areas lost to the army over the last 6 days, the Jaysh Al-Fath criminals mounted a ferocious attack on SAA positions in the center of the Farms.  If you think ISIS is the only group capable of using over 10 suicide trucks, you’re wrong.  In what might be a record for this war, JF used 13 separate suicide trucks driven by, evidently, a veritable cocktail of Uzbkis, Bangla Deshis, Azerbayjaanis and other simian excrement to break the SAA’s fortified perimeter walls.  Because of superb intelligence, the trucks were picked out by drones and helicopters equipped with night-vision lenses provided by the Russian Federation allowing our air force to swoop down on the miserable insects and render them into crispy chitlin’s.  Huge disaster for rats and cockroaches.

بكمائن سلاح الجو و المدفعية 100 قتيل لـ”جيش الفتح” في مزارع الملاح بريف حلب



If you don’t believe the Western Media is changing colors, read this one.  It’s Fox News and it don’t get no better than this:

Afraa Dagher sends this article about Turkey’s volte face in the wake of the Istanbul attacks:

More about Erdoghan’s telephone call to the Prez from Dimitri:


WILE E. COYOTE MOMENT from Murf the Surf:
Read more

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Nigel Farage in EuroParl on Brexit, MEPs not laughing now!

June 29, 2016

Terror Hits Istanbul & Saudis Start Rumors

June 29, 2016

10653389_778468652199525_9115552661173338123_n (1)
The measles vaccines which massacred more than 50 Syrian children in 2014, were poisoned in Turkey

by Afraa Dagher

Terror hit the Istanbul Ataturk Airport yesterday.  Same suicide bomber method, same terrible terror that has been exported to Syria via the same country, Turkey.

Turkey has used such bombings — which were false flags, many times — to increase its aggression against Syria, under a pretext of fighting the same terrorists in reality backed by Turkey, itself.  However, this time seems to be a true bombing, with 49 dead and more than 200 injured.

Who knows who is behind this incident?

Is it the Turkey backed terrorists themselves, who got a secret order from Erdogan, to gain world sympathy?

If Edogan was responsible or not, he is involved in these crimes, by one way or another, as he made his country the main terminal of foreign fighters to cross into Syria.

Syrians has been living this hell, of bombings add to missiles and starvation, since more than five years, Syrians are still patient.  Moreover they still resisting.

Would any other nation’ citizen stand such hell life?

The answer is no.  Thus Turkey president  Erdogan rushed  to apologize to  Russia president Putin, over the shooting down of Russian SU-24 in the sky over Syria, killing one of its pilots.

Erdogan, sudden political turn, just to mend ties with Russia, to save the Turkish  economy and tourism.

Syria will be present, in such relation, as Syria is the big ally of Russia.

However, at this same moment, Turkey opened another front against Syria:  Turkey which has a dream to annex Aleppo, the Syrian province to its territory.   Turkey has increased its support and supply lines to terrorists onto countryside of Lattakia, to confuse the SAA, with two simultaneous fronts, Aleppo and Lattakia.

At the same time, the US is using  its mercenary tools on the Syrian ground to attempt achieve its agenda of partitioning Syria.

A Saudi magazine now reports about a call from President Erdogan to his counterpart President Assad, to discuss the historical relation between the two countries, and the necessity of working together to face terrorists, immediately after terror hit Istanbul Airport.  It is difficult to imagine that Erdogan dares to call our president directly.

Saudi news has consistently tried to harm the reputation of our leader.

If that was true, it would be clear, that because of a Russian pressure on Turkey, as an condition to tie the relation between both countries; however this news was not confirmed yet. Moreover as I said above, Turkish opened another war front in countryside of Lattakia, with many martyrs and wounded since yesterday.

The ironic point is the shameful comment of Saudi magazine, about this alleged call, which is not confirmed yet: Saudi magazine described it by Turkish betrayal of Arabs.

Erdogan has apologized to Russia.   However this is not an apology to Syria (the Russian pilot was shot down in Syrian airspace) and to the Syrians;

we  will not allow this Ottoman to pray in Damascus mosque, he cannot clean the Syrian blood from his guilty hands in Aleppo, Lattakia, and every spot.

We have witnessed massacres because of his terrorists.

Syrians have paid the highest price in this war.  It is a global war between evil and right.

We Syrians trust our president; his policy, his brilliance, and we are step by step with him,  in any step he does. Thus if President Assad received such call or not, we trust whatever decision he makes.

But as the source is Saudi, we suspect such call.


Brexit: how the British people have forfeited the confidence of their government (a quick commentary)

Brexit: how the British people have forfeited the confidence of their government (a quick commentary)

After the uprising of the 17th of June
The Secretary of the Writers’ Union
Had leaflets distributed in the Stalinallee
Stating that the people
Had forfeited the confidence of the government
And could win it back only
By redoubled efforts. Would it not be easier
In that case for the government
To dissolve the people
And elect another?
The SolutionBertolt Brecht

To say that the Brexit was a historical event is an understatement, not because of the political or economic consequences of this vote, but because first and foremost it is a loud, painful and most humiliated smack in the collective face of the ruling “elites”which run the AngloZionist Empire All of them, not just Cameron, Merkel and Obama, but also and most importantly, their puppeteers.  This is also a slap in the face of the AngloZionist comprador class which administers the EU colony on behalf of the USA.   That is not to say that those who voted to leave the EU did that with the intention to make a political statement against the “elites”s, though some undoubtedly did, but because this is how the 1% class of plutocrats which run the Empire will perceive it.  For them, this is something like a peasant insurrection, a Jacquerie if you want, and the normal reaction of feudal overlords threatened by their serfs it to put it down, not to negotiate with the serfs or, even less so, “reform” any of their ways.

Over and over again, we have seen that each time the referendums in Europe did not go the Empire’s way, or when the Empire was defeated in its policies (as in Syria, for ex.), the reaction was not to change course or engage in a lessons learned exercise, but to double-down and engage in what the French call “une fuite en avant” (to flee forward).

And that is what they will do next.

Because this is much bigger than Britain or the EU.  It’s first and foremost about racism.  Not the alleged racism of the “leave” voters, of course, but the very real racism of the AngloZionist “elites” who can mentally cope with the “slothful southerners” in Greece being unhappy about the EU and who can, when needed, remind the Turks their place in the pecking order of the Empire (servant quarters), but who cannot, and will not, accept that members of their own kind, the people of Britain, would dare to reject them in such a public and humiliating fashion.

Europe is run by what the French philosopher Alain Soral so aptly called “an aristocracy without nobility”, a gang of feudal lords whose only loyalty is to their masters across the Atlantic.  These masters, by the way, have their own enforcement force, NATO, which will make darn sure that the Europeans don’t get any ideas about freedom, sovereignty or people power.

I don’t mean the above figuratively at all: this is the reality of Europe today, and the British people are putting it a risk and that is something nobody in the ruling class can, or will, accept.

There are already talks about a 2nd referendum with a few cosmetic changes, that was already done in Ireland, while others are suggesting that the British Parliament could simply ignore the vote, something which Holland is trying right now.  And should there be protests or demonstrations, a state of emergency to “protect democracy against the racist mobs” (or something similar) can be decreed, as was the case in Russia in 1993.  What is certain is that now that the the British people have “forfeited the confidence of the government” (that is how the ruling class will understand what happened), the British people will have to be taught once and for all not to rise up against their masters.

Finally, now that the real systemic, political and even moral crisis of the EU has become apparent to all, an obvious “solution” will be to to ratchet up international tensions with Russia, Syria and Libya.  After all, the Guardian was already stupid enough to accuse the Kremlin of using football hooligans as a part of a Russian “hybrid war” against Europe:


That kind of nonsense will not only continue, but will be sharply expanded.  Oh, and as we know, Putin is the one who orchestrated the Brexit or, at the very least, benefited most from it, right?

The Brexit situation is exactly the same as 9/11: the ruling classes are all dependent on maintaining the myth because they all put their full political weight behind that myth.

To admit that 9/11 was a controlled demolition or to admit that the EU project is a failure rejected by the people of Europe in many referendums would be a political suicide for thousands of politicians, experts, journalists, commentators, etc.  There is simply no way that is going to happen.

Brexit is similar to 9/11 in another manner too: the popular reaction to the 9/11 fairly tale was the first shot in a quasi overt war of the American people against their US ruling “elites” which eventually resulted in the adoption by the public of the concept of “1%” which is the result of a realization that the USA is not a democracy any more.  In the same way, the Brexit is clearly a vote of no-confidence of the British people against their rulers and a sign that the legitimacy of the entire political system is now openly questioned.  You think I am exaggerating?

Think again: to vote for the Brexit you needed to reject not only the alarmist voices of the political class, but also all the ugly innuendos of the corporate media, the threats for the likes of Soros, the dire warnings of doom and gloom coming out of NATO, etc.  So if you still voted “leave” after that, you were rejecting the authority and credibility of the entire political structure and once the credibility is in question, so is the legitimacy.

By the way, something similar is now happening in the USA were people express a very strong support for Trump even though the ruling “elites” have engaged in a huge hate campaign against him.

The “elites” in the US and UK know that their position and legitimacy is being questioned and they have to take action to stop this process of political disintegration.   In the words of Brecht, will they now try to”dissolve the people and elect another”?

Things are going to get ugly now.

The Saker

Lebanese Army Foils Two Terrorist Plots Planned by ISIL


The Lebanese army foiled two terrorist plots planned by the Takfiri ISIL group to attack a tourist site and a crowded residential area.

In a statement released on Thursday, the army said that the  Intelligence Directorate foiled two major terrorist operations planned by ISIL.Lebanese Army

“The targeting a large tourist facility and second targeting a densely populated area,” the statement said, according to National News Agency.

“Five terrorists have been arrested, on top of them the mastermind behind the operations,” the statement said, adding that the terrorists confessed to carrying out terrorist acts against the army in the past.”

The army command added that investigations were underway under the supervision of the competent court.

Source: NNA

30-06-2016 – 14:28 Last updated 30-06-2016 – 14:28


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British opposition leader’s made comments at presentation of report clearing Labour of anti-Semitism following forced ousters of party figures accused of slurring either Jews or Israel.


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