by Jonathan Azaziah


Happy, hSukarnoappy birthday Sukarno! The founding father of the modern Indonesian state and the great champion of anti-colonialism who freed his nation from the clutches of the Rothschild-financed Dutch is one of the most overlooked revolutionaries in Islamic and Global South history. Here was a man who was tortured for over a decade in the Netherlands’ hellish colonial dungeons but never once, NEVER ONCE, did he succumb to the pressures of his oppressors. Quite the opposite, he maintained a defiant steadfastness which would inspire his countrymen to fight for their freedom with an inextinguishable fire that eventually ignited a conflagration underneath their occupiers. It is of paramount importance to note that Sukarno viewed the Japanese, who were the ones which actually freed him from his barbaric Dutch imprisonment, not as “fascists” and “colonizers” as they are usually depicted by the Zionist MSM and the Judaized “left”, but as friends, allies and Pan-Asianist brothers who shared a common destiny. Indeed it was the Japanese who armed the Indonesian Mouqawamah to the teeth–including one elite unit that was called none other than “Hizbullah” 😀 😀 😀 –and provided Sukarno’s men with just about unlimited military support which made the House of Rothschild’s Dutch proxies pack their bags and bounce.

What Sukarno achieved in the short time he sat at the Indonesian apex–from ascending to the position of Unifier-In-Chief and ending the mini-civil-wars between varying Indonesian ethnic factions, to establishing Indonesia as a global example of anti-Imperialism at the Bandung Conference (which influenced millions, even hundreds of millions of Muslims, Asians, Arabs and Africans) and putting forth a model of democratic governance which fused Islamic Liberation Theology and non-Judaized Socialism–is simply extraordinary. But it is Sukarno’s anti-Zionism which stands out the most. The Indonesian despised the manifestations of Judaic influence on both the regional and the international fronts and this was reflected in his rejection of the usurping Jewish entity’s criminal existence as well as his removal of the Jewish-dominated IMF and World Bank from Indonesian soil.

It is beyond tragic that Sukarno never reached his full potential as he was deposed in a bloody CIA-MI6-Mossad-Australian coup in 1966 led by the devilish collaborator Suharto, who would invite the tick-like international bankers back into Indonesia, openly and shamelessly establish ties with the Zionist enemy, prostrate himself before the House of Saud, subordinate his foreign policy to the American regime and most despicably, launch a genocidal onslaught with full US-British-Australian-‘Israeli’ support against Eastern Timor that left hundreds of thousands of innocents dead and wounded. Sukarno was placed on house arrest by the coup regime and died due to lack of medical care on June 21st, 1970. To say the very least, this is not the way a man of his stature should’ve left Earth.

Nevertheless however, his place in the history of the Global Resistance against the Zionist Power Configuration is etched in unbreakable stone, and his marvelous life will serve as a source of inspiration for decades and centuries to come. Streets will be named after him in liberated Palestine. Sukarno was a hero; not only to Indonesians and Muslims but to anyone and everyone worldwide seeking to disconnect themselves from the Empire’s matrix of domination. Sukarno was a visionary; Sukarno was a legend; Sukarno was a wonder; Sukarno was one-of-a-kind. Rest in the deepest, most soothing tranquility o’ Father of Indonesia, o’ principled guide to us all, and happy 115th birthday.

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