Orlando Shooter Worked for Security Firm Embroiled in Israel Controversy

The Ugly Truth

G4S, the world’s largest security firm, recently announced it was winding down its Israel and West Bank operations.

ed note–G4S is a British security group, not an Israeli one, as has been incorrectly claimed by some trying to draw a link between Mateen and the Jewish state as if the massacre in Orlando was a ‘Mossad’ op.

Nevertheless, despite the fact there is no clear line between Mateen and Israel, this does not mean there is no connection between his actions and powerful individuals/institutions who have a vested interest in what he did. G4S, just like other ‘security’ related groups such as Blackwater, are nests of former military (usually special forces who engage in assassinations and other ‘irregular’ ops) and intel people. Every individual who applies to such a group for employment is immediately vetted not only for the stated purposes of said security group, but also for other tasks that might wind up being ‘off the books’ and which would fall outside the normal parameters of said security group’s offered services.

In short, powerful individuals/groups wanting to see a Trump presidency might be more favorable towards utilizing a group such as G4S as a source in finding operatives tasked with carrying out events such as what took place in Orlando as opposed to more ‘conventional’ channels such as the CIA, given its higher profile, the fact that it is more scrutinized and in the limelight, to say nothing of the fact that it is pock-marked with pro-Israel operatives who–if they got wind that operations such as what took place in Orlando were in the works–might blow the whole thing wide open in order to prevent them.


News that a G4S employee was the gunman who killed 50 people at a packed gay nightclub in Florida wiped almost $282.80 million off the value of the world’s largest security firm.

Omar Mateen, 29, a Florida resident and U.S. citizen, had undergone company screening as recently as 2013 with “no findings,” his Britain-headquartered employer G4S said on Sunday.

G4S recently announced that it was winding down its operations in Israel and the occupied West Bank. It insisted that the move was due to financial issues and denied that the move was related to its being targeted by anti-Israel campaigners.

Some pro-Israel organizations responded by threatening to scrap contracts with G4S if it did not stay in the Jewish state.

When trading opened in London on Monday, shares in G4S lost 6.6 percent to 175 pence to hit their lowest level since 2009.

An analyst who declined to be named said the incident could cause more damage to G4S after a long line of issues.

“It doesn’t help having their name in the press against something like that,” the analyst said.

Mateen was employed at a gated retirement community in South Florida. He underwent two instances of company screening and background checks – once when he was hired in 2007, and again in 2013. At that time, the company learned that Mateen had been questioned by the FBI but that the inquiries were then closed.

G4S has a checkered recent history after it failed to provide enough guards for the London Olympics in 2012, was then involved in a tagging fiasco the following year, and earlier this year took a 65 million pound charge on loss-making British government contracts.

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  1. As if the UK and Israel didn’t have shared interests? Israel is always connected to terrorism, one way or another, sooner or later.

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