Nicola Sturgeon: independent Scotland could join euro after Brexit

Nicola Sturgeon: independent Scotland could join euro after Brexit

Scotland may consider joining the euro if the UK votes to leave the EU and the country subsequently becomes independent, Nicola Sturgeon has said.

Speaking on the EU referendum campaign trail, the SNP leader said the idea of an independent Scotland ditching the pound and joining the single currency would be one of the “discussions” her party would hold in the event of a Brexit.

“These are decisions and discussions that, yes, we will have if we are in the scenario of a Brexit”

Nicola Sturgeon

During a televised BBC debate on Monday night, the SNP’s home affairs spokeswoman Joanna Cherry said Scotland “probably wouldn’t want to be tied to the pound” if it dropped in value following a Leave vote, and Ms Sturgeon indicated today she agreed with her colleague.

“We will have that discussion if that’s the situation that we are in next week,” she said. “It is not the SNP’s policy to seek entry to the euro now or at any time in the foreseeable future.

“But these are decisions and discussions that, yes, we will have if we are in the scenario of a Brexit.”

‘Basket case currency’

Responding to Ms Sturgeon’s remarks, Scottish Vote Leave Director Tom Harris said the euro was a “basket case currency” which was creating a “basket case economy”.

He added: “The SNP have finally given up on presenting a positive case for Remain. Instead they’re threatening Scots with the prospect of joining the failing eurozone.”

Gordon Brown backs Remain

Elsewhere on the campaign trail, Gordon Brown gave a rousing speech in Glasgow urging voters to back the Remain side, arguing that Britain staying a member of the EU would result in “more jobs, better-paid jobs, and higher quality jobs” for Scots.

Describing Thursday’s referendum as a “generation-defining decision about what kind of country we are”, the former Prime Minister appealed directly to the “anxious millions” of voters worried about the future of their jobs and those of their children.

“Tory leaders have been speaking mainly to the economically secure and warning them how a Brexit would make them insecure. I am speaking directly to the economically insecure,” he said.

He added that his “message to the people of Scotland” was that a vote for Remain would be better for jobs, workers’ rights and investment.

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