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Well, Aleppo is now under the complete control of the Syrian Army.  The city, which was spared so much suffering in the beginning, remains a bastion of pro-government sympathies.  It was targeted by the terrorist groups because the Aleppans refused to demonstrate any support for the cause of decimating the nation or drowning it in a miasma of sectarianism.  The army has overtaken 2 square miles of industrial sectors inside the Layramoon suburb after the Turks had stripped it of all its wealth and mechanical attributes appropriate for a city of muscle.  That is all about to change.

Why?  The Turks are rethinking.  Erdoghan has fired Hakan Fidan, his formerly all-powerful chief of the Turkish Gestapo, the MIT.  The falling apart took place just after Erdoghan had his last conversation with Vladimir Putin during which time, it has been said, the Russian chief told Erdogan that he would not ever consider restoring normal ties until the Turkish villain closed his borders to terrorists.  Erdoghan, amazingly, has appeared to agree.  In the meantime, opposition parties inside Turkey have begun to make contact with the Syrian government.  What was a curious aberration in Turk thinking – the idea that they could help Saudi Arabia by engineering the ouster of the Syrian government – has given way to a more pragmatic desire to go back to the days of wine and roses, when Ankara wanted to be friends with everybody in the neighborhood. 

What happened instead, was they got exactly what they deserved:

  1.  miserable relations with Iran and Russia.
  2.  a newly energized Kurdish militia bent on establishing an independent state abutting a Turkey which seems more and more to be breaking at the seams.
  3.  a war south of the border which effectively nullified trade, ruining families and drying up towns while bringing in hundreds of thousands of refugees who, for the most part,  refused to serve in the terrorist militias championed by the now-disgraced Hakan Fidan.
  4.  miserable relations with Europe as Erdoghan began a slow descent into a Hell of his own making by reversing decades of modernistic change in his country, and all this for a type of Islam guaranteed to run the entire Islamic World into some frozen moment in the Dark Ages.
  5. a fine mess of terrorism when the same monsters they created turned on their Creator, a la Frankenstein, and soon, Istanbul and Ankara were made targets just as Syrian cities were savaged by the diseased vultures unleashed on them by the Saudi Arabian plutocrats playing boon friends to Erdoghan and his family of organized criminals.

And now, Saudi Arabia, a pariah state decried by hundreds of millions for its reckless support for nihilistic cannibals.  There is no secret here and the cat’s out of the bag – they can’t deny their ties to the very killers who committed the most heinous acts in modern history and all that for a diseased version of religion usually left to cults of death and monkey worship.  The Saudis are broke, financially and morally.  It is only a matter of a short time before one rises up and begins the holy war to liberate Arabia from the stench of Wahhabism.  Their war in Yemen, which even the traditionally war-mongering American “military—industrial complex” warned against,  has drained them and batted into their thick skulls what we all knew already:  you have no army and nobody will die for the House of Saud.  They now know this.  And it’s too late baby, it’s too late.

In he meantime, the Syrian opposition is beginning to look more like the cheerleaders at a prison softball game.  Nobody seems to care.  And soon, even the Qataris will stop housing them in 5-star hotels.  If they’re lucky, they might get some new identities and die pitifully in a town on the western Australian coast, unwept and welter to the parching wind, without the mead of some melodious tear.  The opposition is dead.  It has accomplished nothing but the destruction of the country.  They deserve nothing less than a noose or a stake to speed them into the bowels of Hell.

I am very optimistic that the war is about to end.  ISIS is already planning its own demise as our sources tell us that members of that group of freaks are being told that the Caliphate will not outlast King Salman.  The Caliph is dead.  We told you so. And they can’t hide it much longer.  We reported it and it is true.  They also got a taste of nuclear weapons and God doesn’t seem to be on their side any longer.



The Tiger sends this hilarious slip by Kerry denouncing Jaysh Al-Islam and Ahraar Al-Shaam as subgroups of ISIS and Alqaeda:
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