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Sunday witnessed a sequence of disastrous attempts by the coalition of Western-backed terrorists in Aleppo to blunt the progress of the Syrian Government and its allies.

As reported by Ziad yesterday, the day started with a solid progression by the SAA and Hezbollah fighters in the 1070 Apartment Project where additional 25 buildings were liberated; this site has tremendous strategic value because it stands on high ground overlooking the the Al-Raamoosa artillery base.

ANNA News captured the advance in the 1070 Project on Sunday in which you can also see how high the SAA morale is on the front line.

Furthermore, the terrorists attempted to open a new corridor northwest of Aleppo at the Al-Zahraa` Association District.  They sent 2 VBIEDs toward the buildings at the very northwestern edge of the area. Both failed to reach the intended targets due to SAA sharp- shooters who blew the vehicles away. The attack was a complete fiasco with reported figures reaching over 60 dead terrorists and many more wounded. Though many media outlets tried to describe this attack as a diversion for activities further south, it had, in effect, all the indications of  a new attempt to disrupt recent Syrian Government gains in northwest Aleppo.

During Sunday, the Al-Qaeda-backed coalition attempted to storm the Cement Factory and all the front lines east of the quarries (Al-Maqla’). The battle was fierce throughout the day with many VBIEDs and suicide bombings attempted by Al-Qaeda in the first wave. The terrorists did not remember that they were fighting the Tiger Force, and their stunted memory after the crushing defeat at Al-Mallaah Farms led them directly into an ambush with several dozen terrorists wiped out on the killing ground. This battle is not over. We should see more attacks during the week, but, yesterday’s defeat was a stern lesson for the terrorists.  Aleppo is well defended and slowly the knot will tighten again around their necks.

Map credited to @A7_Mirza


Several battles on-going around Damascus. Below is a roundup of events in the capital:

  • West Ghouta – Another day of hell inside Daarayyaa.  The SAA continues to advance toward downtown and several more blocks with dozens of buildings liberated. The terrorists inside Daarayyaa have limited ammo and food. Total defeat is a question of time as they have rejected all offers to surrender.
  • West Damascus – In a futile attempt to divert troops from East Ghouta, the terrorists in the Dumayr plains decided to attack the SAA and NDF forces stationed in the area and stormed Qassarat and Al- Shaamaat checkpoints, to no avail, however, as they were defeated in a few hours. This attempt may prove very costly to them; the terrorists have been living in the area in a truce-like situation and Sunday’s event may end their sense of ease.
  • East Ghouta – Heavy fighting reported in the many farms between the recently liberated Hawsh Nasri and the about-to-be-liberated Hawsh ad-Dhawaahira. This is not only a struggle for the farmlands in East Ghouta, but, a very important step, also, toward the complete eradication of terrorists in the Tal Kurdi and al-Nashaabiyah cauldron. The noose is getting tight around the terrorists’ necks in East Ghouta and it is only a question of time before total liberation.


Wanted to share the two pictures below and the hilarious sequence of Twitter’s dialogue between Hamosh84 and Souria4syrians:

Hamosh says: “When you see pics like this it’s no wonder the Saudi military is having a complete fiasco in Yemen.”

Souria4syrians answered: “Camo for when they drop dead in the dry Yemeni desert”.


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Syrian Army Repels Militant Assault in Aleppo, Kills Dozens of Terrorists

Local Editor

Syrian army forces repelled on Monday a terrorists’ assault southwest of the city of Aleppo, forcing them to retreat from several positions amid intense and deadly battles around Aleppo and stepped up airstrikes by the Syrian and Russian air forces in Aleppo and nearby Idlib province.

Aleppo battleSANA news agency reported that dozens of terrorists of the so-called “Jaish al-Fateh” were either killed or injured in raids of the Syrian army air force on their positions to the south and west of Aleppo city.

A military source told SANA that the Syrian army air force carried out concentrated strikes against gatherings and positions of the terrorist organizations to the south and west of Aleppo and destroyed a number of the armored and machinegun-equipped vehicles and cars loaded with ammunition, killing scores of terrorists in the surroundings of the military academies.

On the other side, the terrorist organizations acknowledged on their social media pages that many terrorists were killed including what they call “tank officer in Ahrar al-Sham Movement” Saif Allah and the military official in “Sham Front” of Aleppo area Shams-Eddin, in addition to eight others from the so-called “Liwa al-Fatiheen”.

Source: Agencies

15-08-2016 – 17:45 Last updated 15-08-2016 – 17:45

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