israel’s forces kidnapped 30 Palestinian boys in August

Israeli forces kidnapped 30 Pal boys in August

Israeli occupation kidnapped 30 Palestinian boys in August across West Bank, Jerusalem, collected NIS65,000 ($1,7270) fines from their families.

In a report issued on Monday, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Committee (PPC) said that the majority of the boys were beaten and tortured during their detention, interrogation and transport from one detention centre to another.

The PPC’s lawyer Luay Akka said that the number of the kidnapped boys mentioned in the report included some as young as 13 years old.

He added that 17 of them were kidnapped from their homes during military raids, five were kidnapped from the street, four at military checkpoints and four arrived voluntarily to detention centres after they received summons from the Israeli occupation forces. Three of the 30 detainees were held without being charged or standing trial in administrative detention, and the rest were sentenced after court hearings to periods ranging from one month to 45 months. Mousa Khanafsa, a 14-year-old boy from Abu Dis in the occupied city of Jerusalem told Akka that he was violently beaten when he was kidnapped from a street near his house. A group of undercover Israeli officers, he said, chased him in the street and when they caught him they “assaulted him with the butts of their rifles, stomped on him with military boots and was left bleeding from his nose.” Breaking the Silence, an Israeli rights group, has recently published a video recording for the former female Israeli soldier Gil Hillel saying that she and her colleagues used to deal with Palestinians after they were kidnapped like animals. –

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