Israel’ Fears 230,000 Incoming Missiles during Next War!

An emergency drill has been announced all over the apartheid Zionist entity, with the “Israeli” army preparing to repel a volley of some 230,000 missiles in any next war. The Home Front Command will also test several other scenarios in preparation for a hypothetical war.


hizbullah missile

The military institutions disclosed scenarios that would be tested through next week’s nationwide drill.

These scenarios include a full scale war with a simultaneous attack on several fronts, namely the Syrian Golan Heights, Gaza and Lebanon.

The “Israeli” military expects a possible 230,000 incoming ‘rockets’, more than a half of them most likely from an arsenal in the possession of Hizbullah. Some 95 percent of the projectiles are expected to be short-range [40-45 km] Grad missiles of various modifications and mortar shells.

Such munitions are equipped with around 10 kg of explosives. The remaining 5 percent of the projectiles are expected to be long-range.

According to the assessment, Hizbullah can fire up to 1,500 projectiles daily. Northern parts of the apartheid entity would fall under heavy shelling, although dozens of long-range projectiles could hit central regions daily.

The Home Front Command’s preparations feraed the fact that Hizbullah is obtaining more and more precision-guided rockets, and hundreds of unmanned aerial vehicles in possession of possible opponents are also being taken into account.

The worst case scenario involves a widespread evacuation of population from northern parts of Occupied Palestine. In such case 750,000 people would be relocated.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team

16-09-2016 | 10:45

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