Syria and Russia Alone Observing Ceasefire, USA Backed Terrorists Continue Fighting

Syria and Russia Alone Observing Ceasefire

by Stephen Lendman

Effective September 12 at sundown Damascus time, Syrian and Russian forces began scrupulously observing Geneva ceasefire terms agreed on.
US-backed terrorists, erroneously called “moderates,” ignored them entirely so far, continuing to wage war, unlikely to cease hostilities, no pressure exerted on them to stop fighting.
According to Russian General Staff General Viktor Poznikhir, “(t)he Syrian government forces have ceased the fire and have started withdrawing tanks, infantry combat vehicles and artillery guns to the agreed distances thus creating conditions for setting up a demilitarized zone.”
“The Russian and Syrian Aerospace Forces have stopped delivering air strikes in areas of possible location of opposition units.”
Washington so far refuses to provide accurate information on exact locations of opposition units. “The materials handed over by the American side contain only a general list of units controlled by them. They mention neither the districts where these units are operating nor numbers or field commanders’ names.”
No attempts have been made to separate so-called “moderate rebels” from Security Council designated terrorist groups because all anti-government forces are cutthroat killers. No moderates exist.
Washington is obstructing efforts to combat ISIS and al-Nusra fighters, Poznikhir said. It’s “jeopardizing the delivery of humanitarian aid.”
In the last 24 hours, US-backed terrorists “violated (ceasefire) 45 times. Worrisome is the steady growth of violations by opposition groups.”
On day one, September 12 – 23. On day two – 37. On day three – 45. US-backed terrorists posing as “moderates” continue terror- bombarding civilian areas in government controlled territory.
Syrian forces withdrew heavy weapons from attack positions, complying with Geneva terms. Opposition forces breached their obligations, Russian General Vladimir Savchenko, saying “according to impartial monitoring means, there is nothing that might look like synchronized pullback of the militants’ weapons.”
Geneva was dead-on-arrival. Conflict continues raging, terrorists called “moderates” ignoring its terms – with full US support and encouragement.
How much more proof does Russia need to know the futility of negotiating with a duplicitous imperial adversary wanting its country transformed into a US vassal state?
Ill-conceived deals deliver deplorable results as expected. Throughout five-and-a-half years of war, no progress toward conflict resolution was achieved because Washington rejects peace and stability.
Russia understands so why does it pretend otherwise? Why waste time on deals with America doomed to fail every time?
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