Doctor Explains Hillary’s ‘Freeze’ on 9/11 – Looks Like Parkinson’s



Published on Sep 17, 2016

Best Available Evidence: Hillary Clinton Has Parkinson’s!
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Clinton has been using her “dehydration” story for years. This time it won’t work.
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In his video analysis, Dr. Noel makes the following points:

Leaked e-mails show that Clinton’s aides researched medication used to treat Parkinson’s.
Clinton has suffered from fainting spells as early as 2005, when she lost consciousness while making a speech. In 2009 she fell and broke her elbow. In 2012 she suffered a concussion after fainting and striking her head. All of these falls can be explained by Parkinson’s, which affects the motor system. (Team Hillary blames dehydration.)

Hillary’s personal aide Huma Abedin wrote in an e-mail that Clinton is “often confused.” Again, this would be consistent with Parkinson’s, which in its advanced stages can even lead to dementia.
Numerous documented cases where Clinton needed physical assistance, whether it’s using a chair as a support while giving a stump speech, or requiring help climbing stairs. Again, Parkinson’s severely impedes motor functions.

During a roundtable discussion in April, Hillary nodded her head for an extended period — one estimate puts the number of nods at 400; it looks odd, but it makes perfect sense if she has Parkinson’s: It’s a head-nodding tremor. (Go to 5:45 in the video. Truly bizarre behavior.)
Clinton has also shown signs of “pin-rolling” tremors, as well as unnatural (and even painful) finger positions.

The now-famous video of Hillary’s head bobbing uncontrollably while speaking with the press was not a “seizure” (or a result of “iced chai”): It’s a very common side-effect of Levadopa, a common and effective treatment for Parkinson’s. However, visual stimulus, or anxiety, can cause unnatural reactions. Which brings Dr. Noel to his next point:

It’s been nearly 300 days since Hillary Clinton has held a press conference. No one has offered a rational reason for this. But here’s an easy explanation: It’s because Hillary’s condition makes it very difficult for her to handle stressful situations in which she is bombarded with multiple questions and requests at the same time. Furthermore:

This also explains her frankly bizarre facial expressions during her nomination. (Go to 9:38 in the video, because you can’t do this point justice without watching the video.)

In response to a protestor at a rally, Clinton literally freezes. She’s unable to move, let alone speak. An aide rushes up to her and says “It’s okay. We’re still here. Keep talking.” We urge everyone to watch Dr. Noel’s analysis of this event, which begins at the 11:14 mark.

Her coughing fits are evidence of a swallowing disorder — common in those who suffer from Parkinson’s. It could even be a symptom of pneumonia, which is also quite common among those with Parkinson’s. (NOTE: Dr. Noel made this observation more than a week before Hillary was “diagnosed” with pneumonia.)

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