I wonder when I hear US politicians or State Dept. people talk, do they know they are lying or is it what they really believe?

Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova invites US UN Envoy Samantha Power to Syria to see the misery US has created

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova responds to American UN envoy Samantha Power, advising her to go to Syria to see what Washington has done to the country.

While it would be something surreal to see neo-liberal war hawk, UN Ambassador Samantha Power, actually visit Syria to see the suffering her policies created, we believe that

  1. Power will never visit the Syria she has helped destroy. Maybe she will visit some “moderate” ISIS rebels for a hot tea, but never will she visit the real, war torn Syria.
  2. Samantha Power loves war, especially war based on promoting her neo-liberal values. Even if Power were to see firsthand what she has done to Syria, for her it is probably all worth it, as long as her value system is forced down Syria’s throat.
  3. Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova wrote on her Facebook page that instead of rubbing shoulders with al-Nusra Front terrorists and the “moderate opposition” in Syria, Power should go to Syria and meet Syrian citizens who are still alive “despite the almost six-year-old bloody experiment being staged on them with Washington’s active participation.”

Zakharova promised to pay for Power’s trip to Syria.

“Have no fear. With me by your side, nobody will harm you. You will have things to remember and, besides, you will have a chance to learn what ‘shame’ means.”


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