US-Backed Terrorists Attacked Syria Humanitarian Convoy and probably coordinated

US-Backed Terrorists Attacked Syria Humanitarian Convoy

by Stephen Lendman
America and its rogue allies support all terrorist groups operating in Syria, including elements falsely called “moderates” – one of the many Big Lies about Obama’s war.
Russian Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov categorically denied his government or Syria’s involvement in attacking a UN/Syria Red Crescent humanitarian convoy on Monday, destroying at least 18 trucks, killing and wounding numerous aid workers.
US-supported Jabhat al-Nusra carried out a large-scale attack on the vehicles after reaching their destination and began unloading cargo.
The convoy was struck by artillery and rocket launchers. Video evidence showed no signs of craters that would have resulted from air-to-surface explosives.
Russian drones monitored the convoy’s movements until reaching its destination, ceasing surveillance after it arrived, a tactical error as things turned out, knowing US-supported terrorists infested the area.
Vehicles were struck by ground fire. Their chassis were intact, showing they weren’t struck by aerial bombs or missiles.
Targeted trucks were set ablaze “exactly at the time militants started a large scale offensive on Aleppo,” said Konashenkov.
UN humanitarian aid convoys are now suspended, long-suffering Syrians desperately needing help unable to get it – victims of US imperial viciousness.
Sergey Lavrov and John Kerry are meeting on the sidelines of the annual General Assembly meeting in New York – another futile discussion sure to accomplish nothing.
How much more US betrayal can Russia take before acknowledging the pointlessness of negotiating with a duplicitous adversary – bent on replacing its sovereign independence with pro-Western puppet governance.
Russia should go all-out to eliminate the US-supported and controlled terrorist scourge ravaging Syria – heading for its own heartland otherwise.
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