10-Year-Old Yemeni Girl Tells US, ‘Stop Selling Weapons to Saudis’

“Blocking this sale of tanks will be interpreted by our Gulf partners, not just Saudi Arabia, as another sign that the United States of America is abandoning our commitment to the region and is an unreliable security partner.”

–Sen. John McCain

“The Saudis in many, many ways have been good allies of the United States over the years. I think it’s important to the United States to maintain as good a relationship with Saudi Arabia as possible, and I hope we’ll defeat the resolution of disapproval of the arms sale.”

–Sen. Mitch McConnell

“We can’t ask our Middle East allies to fight harder and do more and not provide them with the weaponry to do it. I think Saudi Arabia is a valuable partner in the war on terror. If you want to lose Saudi Arabia as an ally, be careful what you wish for.”

–Sen. Lindsey Graham

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