UK & USA bombing in Syria is a “WAR CRIME” yet it’s Russia that gets accused of war crimes

Britain accuses Putin of ‘war crimes’ in Syria at bitter UN meeting

Western diplomats castigated Russia for its actions in Syria on Sunday, accusing it of “war crimes” as the U.S. openly condemned Russia at the UN as “an international pariah”.
Britain and France both condemned Russia while the U.S. UN Ambassador Samantha Power described Russia’s actions in Syria as “barbarism“.
All of which might be justified were it not for the fact that the West and its allies in Turkey, Israel and the gulf states helped create the Syrian conflict in the first place. In an effort to oust Syrian President Assad they helped arm, finance and support the various militant groups fighting to remove President Assad.
Many if not the majority of those fighting against Assad are not even Syrian but a mix Sunni militants from various countries who, unwittingly perhaps, serve as the West’s proxies in the conflict. In the process they’ve committed massacres, war crimes and innumerable beheadings that seem calculated to force those they’ve conquered to submit through fear.
They are terrorists in every sense of the word. Yet now that they are getting hammered in Aleppo the West is whining about Russian “war crimes”. Why? Why are the West’s protests over Russia’s actions in Syria as loud, if not louder, than its supposed protestations over earlier atrocities by Sunni militants?
Is the West trying to buy time for its proxies so they can avoid total annihilation by Russia?
If the West is hoping to shame Russia at the U.N. we don’t think that it’s going to work. Putin knows that Sunni militants and “Syrian rebels” are joined at the hip, and that both have been backed by the West to oust Syrian President Assad.
The Russian president also knows that after Syria and Iran Russia is the ultimate objective and as a result we don’t think that he’s going to back down on this. Ed.
Britain's United Nations representative Matthew Rycroft. Click to enlarge

Britain’s United Nations representative Matthew Rycroft. Click to enlarge

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