Poetic Sightseeing Tour of Palestine

Extraordinarily beautiful video with poetry by the great Mahmoud Darwish–apparently in his own voice. The following is from the video description:

Palestine -فلسطين The Most Beautiful Country ‘HD

video Made by Hamza Dado make sure you visit his youtube channel :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9ye…
*Hey Guys what’s up it’s a new video About PALESTINE*

Read every Palestinian in the world … my home to distribute music ringtones updated with words of the late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish and commend my home is part of a new distribution of the artist Hani Almtuasi accompanied by some of the footage of aerial photography for the beloved Palestine … I hope to see the video and the end Thanks

Poems of Mahmoud Darwish, a Palestinian and songs with a high-quality photograph of the cities of Palestine .. This is Palestine …. That’s made it easier and Jpelln and our sea and our sky and our Jerusalem … This is Palestine … This is my home

I have found traces of human presence in the area south of Lake Tiberias, Tel Ubaydi area which amounted to between 600,000 years ago and up to a million and a half years ago. In the Neolithic period (10,000 BC 5000 – BC) originated fixed agricultural communities, and the Copper Age (5000 BC –3 000 BC) found stone tools and copper in the vicinity of Jericho, Be’er Sheva and the Dead Sea. Archeologists Jericho is the oldest cities at all, dating back to the Stone age is 10-11 thousand years ago, or about before the eighth millennium BC.

The Canaanites came from the Arabian Peninsula to Palestine between 3000 BC. And 2500 BC, and in about 1250 BC.

The region was among the earliest in the world to see human habitation, agricultural communities and civilization. During the Bronze Age, independent Canaanite city-states were established, and were influenced by the surrounding civilizations of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Phoenicia, Minoan Crete, and Syria. Between 1550-1400 BCE, the Canaanite cities became vassals to the Egyptian New Kingdom who held power until the 1178 BCE Battle of Djahy (Canaan) during the wider Bronze Age collapse.

Poems and songs
Part of the poem: on this earth – Hair: Mahmoud Darwish – Performance: Mahmoud Darwish
Part of the poem: mural – Hair: Mahmoud Darwis- Performance: Mahmoud Darwish
Part of the anthem: STW – Keywords: Ibrahim Toukan – Composer: Mohammad Fulayfel – Performance: Hani Mitwasi

Video excerpts: Media Town – National Geographic

Montage: Hamza Deddew

On this land lyrics- Mahmoud darwish – Sung by:: Mahmoud darwish
Jidariyya (Mural) – lyrics: Mahmoud darwish Sung by:: Mahmoud darwish

Mawtini lyrics: ibrahim touqan – composer: Mohammad Flaifel
Sung by:: hani mitwasi

Video rushes: media town – national geographic
video montage: Hamza Dado

*Free Plaestine*
Palestine is a land occupies the southern part of the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River. Located in the heart of the Middle East, where constitute the southwestern part of the Levant, and the link between West Asia and North Africa to have occurred and the Sinai peninsula at the confluence of the two continents point.
Palestine has a large number of important cities historically and religiously for the three monotheistic religions.
Declaration of Independence is the Declaration of Independence of the State of Palestine (the second time), which was the date of November 15, 1988. it was announced in the city of Algiers, in particular pine Palace Hall. Note that the first declaration of independence was in October 1948 by the All-Palestine Government in Gaza during the National Council Conference.

Advertising on achieving the independence of the state of Palestine on the land of Palestine, text and select Jerusalem the eternal capital of this state. With the end of the ad played the Algerian army band of the Palestinian national anthem.

The 105 countries that recognize the independence, was published 70 Palestinian ambassadors in a number of countries recognizing independence.

The poet Mahmoud Darwish wrote the Declaration of Independence, and that the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat is one of the villages.


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