israel kidnapped 1,000 Palestinian kids so far in 2016, all verbally or physically tortured


srael kidnapped 1,000 Palestinian kids in 2016

Israeli occupation forces have kidnapped 1,000 Palestinian kids since start of 2016; all of whom were either verbally or physically tortured, PLO official announced on Sunday. Head of the PLO’s Prisoners and Freed Prisoners Committee Issa Qaraqe said the “escalation of arresting children is part of a clear systematic policy aiming to harm, distort and destroy children’s future.” In a written statement, he said: “The arrest of children is protected and guaranteed by the political, legislative and judicial Israeli occupation authorities which proposed and ratified many laws and regulations targeting [Palestinian] children.” –

He stressed that most of the Palestinian children were arrested from their homes after midnight, reiterating that they were arrested in “very difficult and hard measures which were used to scare them”. The PLO official also said that “100 per cent of the arrested children” were either verbally or physically abuse from the moment of their arrest. Some of the children, who were kidnapped by the Israeli occupation forces aged three years, nine years, 12 years, 13 years, etc


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