Syria the Epicenter of Combating USA-Sponsored Terrorism

Syria the Epicenter of Combating US-Sponsored Terrorism

by Stephen Lendman

America represents the greatest threat to world peace, stability and security. No earlier nation matched its villainy, its Machiavellian evil, its imperial ruthlessness – raping nations, killing millions, turning its own disadvantaged communities into battlegrounds, threatening cataclysmic nuclear war if launched.
Interviewed by the Tehran Foreign Policy Studies Quarterly, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said Washington fears Iran’s 1979 liberating revolution may inspire other oppressed people to rise up the same way.
Since WW II, America only succeeded in ravaging and destroying countries, he explained. It wants puppet governments it controls replacing sovereign independent ones, prohibiting its people from deciding who’ll lead them.
Earlier he said if they want new leadership, he won’t stand for reelection. He thanked Iran for aiding Syria’s redoubtable resistance – combating US-sponsored terrorism, complicit with rogue allies.
“…Syria has turned into the epicenter of the fight against terrorism in the world,” he stressed. “What is happening in Syria today (will) impact the world’s political map” for years to come.
Neocons infesting Washington intend escalating conflict in Syria, threatening to inflame the entire region, risking direct US/Russia confrontation, heading for possible nuclear war if Hillary succeeds Obama.
Senior US, UK, French, Italian and German officials will meet on Wednesday in Berlin to plot escalated conflict in Syria – following Washington’s suspension of (nonexistent) cooperation with Russia on resolving it.
Washington wants regime change, no matter the human cost. Earlier polls showed significant majorities of Americans and Europeans oppose their countries intervening militarily in Syria.
Rogue states ignore public sentiment. Syrians blame America for ISIS and other terrorist groups ravaging their country. They overwhelmingly support Assad, wanting no one else leading them.
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