USA Denies Colonel Dorrian Saying Turkey’s Presence in Iraq ‘Illegal’, even though it clearly is

US Denies Colonel Saying Turkey’s Presence in Iraq ‘Illegal’

The U.S. on Wednesday denied claims that Colonel John Dorrian, the spokesman of the U.S-led coalition, Operation Inherent Resolve (CTJF-OIR), called the Turkish military presence in Iraq “illegal”, saying that the reporting on the issue was “errant.”

Speaking to Daily Sabah, CJTF-Operation Press Desk said that Dorrian’s statement did not label Turkey’s presence in Iraq as “illegal.”

“We have seen some errant reporting stating that the spokesman stated that Turkey’s presence in Iraq was illegal. He did not say that,” the CTJF said.

The CTJF also shared Dorrian’s full statement. According to the CTJF, Dorrian said: “The coalition position is that all of our forces are in Iraq in coordination with, and with the permission of the government of Iraq, and that we believe that all other nations, including Turkey, who wish to come to Iraq to fight Daesh should also have the permission of the government of Iraq.”

There were some reports in some media outlets that the U.S. does not want a Turkish presence in Iraq. Reports quoted Dorrian as saying Turkey’s presence “is illegal.”

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