A Debate in a Parallel Universe


After watching last night’s debate, I’ve come to the conclusion that Americans, or at least our political leaders, really and truly are living in a parallel universe.

The most pressing issues facing our country at this time–our support of terrorists in Syria, our nuclear brinksmanship with Russia, the power of the Israeli lobby, the control of the media–all went unaddressed. They went unaddressed by: a) the candidates, b) the two debate moderators, and, c) the selected audience members who were allowed to ask questions.

It is as if the mainstream media–which of course are owned by a very small group of people, most of whom are Jewish and rabidly Zionist–has defined for everyone in the country, including the two presidential candidates, what they must accept and regard as “reality.”

Stepping outside the parameters of this definition is forbidden. And indeed the two candidates largely adhered to this prerequisite. The only time either deviated was when Trump, responding to Clinton’s fulminations over his comments about women, brought up her legal defense of a 12-year-old girl’s rapist years ago in Arkansas. (As far as I’m aware, the MSM have not reported that story, although it has been discussed at length on a number of videos, such as this one.)

And thus we had Clinton engaging in Russia bashing, Trump denigrating the Iran deal, both arguing over character issues and whether Obama Care is good or bad–while neither dared venture beyond the reality that has been constructed for them.

Not once, for instance, did we hear Trump say,  “I think it would be a good idea if America stopped funding and supporting terrorists in Syria.”

Over the past 15 years, since 9/11, and particularly over the past few years with the war in Syria, we have watched the collapse of professional journalism in the West. A graphic example of this occurred on the first of October when the UK newspaper The Independent reported on the death of a Syrian swimmer and her younger brother in Aleppo, implying they had been killed by Syrian or Russian airstrikes.


News of the deaths of Mireille Hindoyan and her brother, Arman, was originally published by an Armenian news site, Kantasar. When The Independent picked the story up and re-published it, under the byline of Katie Forster, it left out a key piece of information–that the two youngsters were killed by “rebels.”

People started posting tweets about the omission.

This @Independent article by @KatieForster doesn’t mention these Armenian children were killed by rebel attacks on gov.-controlled Aleppo.

Dear @katieforster, I’m assuming this is your first foray in the issue. I suggest you do some research firstpic.twitter.com/T45JhOjXOb

@Nour_Samaha Quite sure @katieforster knew exactly what she was doing.
Story would not have been used if couldn’t be blamed.

SAA reportedly advances in Bustan Pasha, 1st time in years. Area is major source of rebel hell canon shelling on W. Aleppo & Sheikh Maqsud.

Killed by rebel hell canons today in Aleppo:

Siblings Mireille & Arman Hindoyan, Dzila Jabaghchourian & Hasmig Giragosian-Berejiklian. pic.twitter.com/u00KEejJjz

View image on Twitter

After the posting of a number of tweets of this nature, The Independent revised the story to include the following:

“A number of commentators claimed the deaths were a result of a rebel-led attack, although those claims could not be verified.”

This resulted in more Tweets…

.@katieforster @Independent Oh, there’s a correction. But I’m genuinely intrigued, what was the attempt at verification? @iadtawil

Syrian girl and her 12-year-old brother killed by bombing in Aleppohttp://ind.pn/2dmtGVf 

…and eventually a report from RT containing an interview with the victims’ family…

It was last month that John Kerry famously accused Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov of living in a “parallel universe.” The US Secretary of State of course got it backwards. The alternate reality is the one he and other US officials are surfing in. Millions of Americans, in fact, are hopelessly entrapped in this alternate reality, this parallel universe, and I am not optimistic they will find their way out anytime soon.

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