Every country has its history, except America that has a criminal record. SITREP by Scott

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Every country has its history, except America that has a criminal record. SITREP by Scott

They don’t have any more time and conditions to make all those videos with so called “ISIS threats to the world.” Now, Admiral John Kirby acts as the terrorists’ spoke person.  You know what he reminds me, every time I look at him? He looks like a wet mouse. You can tell that his clothes are drenched in cold sweat.

However, write the following into your personal copy of the Farmer’s Almanac: the louder screams and gnashing of teeth coming from the Anglo-Zionists, the closer we are to victory over them.


October 5th, will stay in history as the Putin’s Ultimatum to the US day.

October 8th, President Putin answered the question of why the US and the collective West want to destroy Russia. he said it’s because of their fear.

I would also add greed, as the other reason.

One of the zerohedge commentators had even more interesting thought: because the West enslaves people and don’t want people to know what the real freedom is. He wrote:

“I met a nice Russian project manager today (pretty too) – I asked her how many months paid maternity leave do women get in Russia – it’s 3 full years!!!

Compare to our slaves here in the USSA.

And it’s the government who pays it – not the company.

No wonder Uncle Satan wants to nuke them  – you should have seen the reaction when I told a group of about 50 American project managers about this maternity leave in Russia – they were very surprised and impressed.”

Meanwhile, pro US terror army sources keep furiously reporting on the Russian warships traversing the Bosporus back and forth, like Grisha class Corvette 617 “Mirazh” that passes the Bosporus on its way to Syria on October 7, 2016 in Istanbul.  According to them there are no other fleets in the world but Russian.

No media reports of  the Navy drill in Mediterranean involving fleets of eight European countries that has started on October 3rd. Armed forces of Sweden and Finland,  Italy, France, Turkey, NATO,

Participating units include the Italian Aircraft carrier ITS Cavour, FREMM frigate Carabiniere and Todaro-class submarine Pietro Venuti which was commissioned by the Italian Navy in July this year.

France deploys the lead ship of its Mistral-class landing helicopter docks LHD Mistral while the Netherlands is contributing with the landing platform dock HNLMS Rotterdam. Spain will be represented by the multi-purpose amphibious assault ship SPS Juan Carlos I and frigate SPS Numancia.

Turkey has its landing ship, tank Osmangazi and the United Kingdom, Belgium and Portugal participate with troops ashore.

Apart from EAI member nations units, NATO’s standing mine countermeasures group two (SNMCMG2) are also involved in the exercise.

About 4000 men and women engaged, 8 ships, 1 submarine, 9 aircraft AV8B Plus and 18 helicopters are “exercising” under the control of Italian Navy Fleet Commander, Vice Admiral Donato Marzano while the Cagliari Naval Base will provide logistic support.

With all these maritime activities going around, the Western media absolutely ignored war losses that the US and its allies are having.

On October 1st, An American Navy HSV-2 Swift cargo vessel that was “rented” by Emirates for their war against Yemen that was hit by a C-802 missile, which is the export upgraded version of the Chinese anti-ship missile YJ-8 in the Bab al-Mandab strait off Yemen’s coast.

The UAE is a member of the coalition fighting the Houthi rebels in Yemen

The single shot hit probability of the Yingji-82 is unknown, though one unreferenced source claims it to be as high as 98%. To achieve one shoot one kill that means that, the system was operated by very well trained crew. Was Chinese advisor there? We do not know for sure, beyond reasonable doubt.

@katMotjaАмер-ский десантный катамаран HSV-2Swift,арендованный ОАЭ для переброски войск после ракеты йеменских повстанцев-хуситов 01.10.16г

Yemeni resistance forces destroy US HSV-2 Swift hybrid catamaran vessel with Noor missile

Images of the sunken ship

US dispatches warships after UAE vessel is hit by missiles off Yemen’s coast

Terrorists groups in Syria are receiving new shipments of Grad rocket launches and other lethal aid from the US


BREAKING: Russia vetoes France’s Security Council resolution on Syria http://on.rt.com/7rd7 

.@RT_com Terrorists groups in are receiving new shipments of Grad rocket launches and other lethal aid from the US pic.twitter.com/FhJ8Q1tL5l

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Russian media overview

Russian analysts and experts has been on the top of their game this week, releasing dozens of great and really good insightful articles.

In conclusion…

October 7th is President Putin’s birthday

It’s exceptional when one person is capable to bring hope and feeling of self-worth to so many people…

Редко когда бывает, что один человек способен вернуть надежду и самоуважение столь многим…

Thank you for your time,


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