OCTOBER 11, 2016

by Jonathan Azaziah


Leave it to Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the Luminous Light of Lebanon, to turn Tasu’a, the 9th Day of Muharram and what we call Ashoura Eve (the 24-hour period before Imam Hussein’s [A.S.] martyrdom on the sands of Karbala), into a bonafide, empire-shaking spectacle of Mouqawamah. The Hizbullah Secretary-General covered the usual array of topics as he appeared live before a blistering crowd in Dahiyeh’s Sayyed al-Shouhada Complex, saluting the Syrian people for their steadfastness in the face of the “regime change” conspiracy and lambasting the American ZOG for attempting to break off Raqqa and Deir Ezzor from Syria in service of ‘Israel’, but it was when the Sayyed touched on Yemen that those in attendance really went HAYWIRE, masha’ALLAH! The moment that Sayyed Abou Hadi slammed the Saudi regime for its criminal massacre at the funeral in Sanaa three days ago, the gorgeously resistant people of the Southern Beirut Suburbs started chanting, “Death To Al-Saud!” So loud were their cries in fact that the Wahhabi tyrants themselves could most likely hear it in their fortified but finite palaces in Riyadh and Jeddah! And when Nasrallah bellowed “Koulina al-Yemen (We Are All Yemen)!” like only he could bellow, the crowd cried out in unison and erupted even further, like a zillion bursts of thunder rattling the skies. Lubnan’s Liberator said that the blood of the Yemeni people will drag Al-Saud into the abyss of history and that it has no chance whatsoever of prevailing. The Moustazafeen of Yemen, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah matter-of-factly said, will be and already are victorious. Like he has been Palestine’s undisputed champion for decades, the Sayyed is, without a doubt and without competition, the foremost champion of Yemen on Earth.

While there are millions of Shi’a marching for Ashoura Eve today, from Syria to Turkey, Iraq to Bahrain, Iran to Azerbaijan, Afghanistan to Pakistan, India to America, Europe to Africa and beyond, there is nobody and nothing that exemplifies the meaning of this sacred occasion like Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. Tasu’a is traditionally observed as the day that we honor Abou Fadhl al-Abbas (A.S.) and his sacred defense of Imam Hussein (A.S.) until life departed from his body on the points of arrows. Who else but the leader of Hizbullah is worthy of being called the Abou Fadhl al-Abbas of our time, as he upholds a sacred Husseini defense of beloved, precious, steadfast Syria, our compass aka the Palestinian cause, and of course, beloved, precious, mighty Yemen? Who?! Verily, there is nobody else. So in addition to “We Are All Yemen!”, “Death To Al-Saud!” and “Ya Abbas!”, there is one more chant which should be added to the obligatory list of sanctified slogans to be yelled on Tasu’a from now until Imam al-Mahdi’s (A.S.) awaited return: “Labaykah Ya Nasrallah!”

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