Palestine: Death at the hands of Zionism

Every day, the media realize deaths occupation troops in Palestine run against men and women, including minors of the Palestinian population. Assassinations of men and women, mostly young, who since the beginning of the so-called III Intifada, in October 2015, has meant the death of 250 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, Al Quds and the West Bank. Including 11 women and 50 children who did not exceed 17 years.
Those responsible for these crimes are both soldiers of the occupying Zionist entity as extremist settlers, armed and under the protection of the Israeli army have populated settlements on Palestinian territory, especially in Al Quds East and the area of the West Bank with the aim fragmenting Palestine and preclude any possibility of having an independent state.
Murders that meet the Zionist goal of compromising the future of Palestine by killing its people and especially its young people as has been pointed out by Zionist leaders. Nacionalsionismo Ayelet Shaked Zionist parliamentarians and former deputy for the ultranationalist Jewish Home Party, wrote in July 2014 when he held a position in the Israeli Knesset an apology for the genocide of the Palestinian people “Palestinians must die and their houses must be demolished. They are our enemies and our hands should be stained with blood. This also applies to the mothers of the dead terrorists. Behind every terrorist there are dozens of men and women without whom I could not attempt. Now all are enemy combatants and their blood shall be upon their heads. Even the mothers of the martyrs, who send them to hell with flowers and kisses. Nothing would be more just follow in his footsteps.
Meanwhile, Palestinian women should disappear along with their homes, where they have raised these snakes. Otherwise, they will raise smaller snakes. “Today, Ayelet Shaked is minister of legal affairs of the Zionist entity What in the world reported a genocidal give him rewarded with a ministerial portfolio? What words of Himmler differ Hitler, Goebbels with issuing this judicial affairs minister?
Certainly Ayelet Shaked is living proof of similarity between Nazism with Zionism The West Bank and Al Quds This is being occupied by coming Zionist settlers from Argentina, Russia, France, Chile, the United States and other countries, as well as disadvantaged sectors of the Israeli population which are promised economic benefits, housing, education and other privileges to occupy territories that do not belong to them. 650 000 extremist settlers who violate with impunity human rights of a population subjected to an intervention, which violates all international laws. This, with the aim of restoring the occupied their rightful owners territory, knowing that the backing of the United States and powers like France and England give financial, political and military support to deaf ears in the brake of its policy of barbarity and occupation. Impunity is part of the everyday behavior of the Zionist entity. It has been promised that under his role as spearhead of Western hegemony in the Middle East, will feature the complicity against his crimes, he will provide financial support as just happened with the signing of a military agreement with the US government – a few months after his departure from the White House – where it provides military aid by 38 billion dollars for the next decade – Knows Benjamin Netanyahu that his role as “faithful dog”
Western guarantees impunity against the occupation and violations daily committed with the Palestinian population in terms of killing civilians, demolishing houses, destroying villages, preventing free transit, implement a Bantustan policy in the West Bank, violating the right of hundreds of thousands of believers who are prevented from accessing their holy places on the Temple Mount in Al Quds, at the Ibrahimi Mosque in Al Jalil denied their basic rights in matters of access to water and energy. Same violation suffered by the Christian population in towns such as Bethlehem, Beit Jala and Beit Sahour subjected to a relentless confinement, living behind a wall that constricts and prevents them from development as a society.
In recent days the orgy of Zionist blood has been primed against the lives of children, as in the case of Abdullah Abu Medyef of 10 years killed old shot in the back by Israeli soldiers in the town of Khan Yunes in the Gaza Strip. Al Quds, in the neighborhood of Silwan, the young Ali Atef Shiyuji twenty years old was shot in the abdomen by Zionist occupation forces, who repressed a Palestinian demonstration: stones against bullets is the reality of a Palestinian population which only has those weapons to oppose a policy of occupation must stop. If it is not, but ends this Zionist presence in Palestinian territory, those stones bullets change – with all the moral and legal guarantee – when it comes to defending today a land ravaged by an occupying force. Reason that prompted the former political prisoner Palestinian Mesbah Abu Sabih to open fire on a police station in Al Quds resulting an agent and an Israeli settler dead. Mesbah Abu Sabih was killed a few minutes later. Mesbah exercised some justice in an unjust land. All weapons against Zionism, Zionism not only fears the decision of the Palestinian people to oppose the occupation by a social uprising, which dignifies a people with the weapons of the fight against an entity that represses these demonstrations blood and fire right.
Zionism also fears the letters, images, voices that give to the world their crimes. It has therefore continued its policy of silencing Palestinian journalists, confiscating their radio and television, holding his professionals and technicians, which number 20 are in Israeli jails. No official charges against them and without the Western media raise their voices condemning this behavior of Zionism.
It is the permanent double standards of those who often fill their newsletters against the governments of Syria, Venezuela, Iran, Bolivia, Ecuador or anyone that smacks danger hegemonic political establishment, but shamefully silent against the crimes committed by the Zionist entity. The policy of Israeli occupation using all kinds of tools and pressures to make its presence in Palestine does not suffer variations and even accepted as part of a “natural” behavior on continuing to build settlements for thousands of settlers installed in Palestinian territory with objective of preventing the creation of a future Palestinian state.
It puts pressure on the governments of countries where the program Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions – BDS – against the Zionist entity is developing. Tap to Facebook, Twitter and other companies linked to social networks to prevent complaints against the colonialist, racist and criminal policy of Zionism go public light. Influences through its institutions lobbying as the Public Affairs Committee Israeli-US – AIPAC – in France and England for legislation to criminalize criticism of Israel on the basic argument that anti-Zionism is simply anti-Semitism and thus promulgated censoring writings, prevent the publication of books, silence dissenting voices even within Israel itself or threaten to targeted assassinations against BDS activists as has been vociferous from the highest echelons rulers of the Zionist entity. In Chile, for example, where the resident Palestinian community represents the western world’s largest with about 350 thousand descendants of Palestinians, the Jewish community has pressured the government to try to censor the Palestinian media who have dedicated themselves to denounce atrocities committed by Zionism against the Palestinian people. One of the last activities has been influenced via parliamentary friends of Israel – defined in the media as “Sons of Light” – for the Chilean government to enact a law called anti hatred that is nothing more than the desire to prevent that is alleged to Zionism and its crimes. Chilean President Michele Bachelet said in a meeting with the Jewish Community of Chile in the last September that “I have full conviction that it is indispensable anti hate law and agree to Chanukah – a Jewish holiday – we will progress in this sense”. The fear is that the Zionist lobby have a legal permit creation to achieve its cherished dream of anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism assimilate. Question that many Jews reject fervently, as in the case of ultra Orthodox group, with sages of the Torah – which in no way could be considered anti-Semitic – Neturei Karta – representing the organization of Jews more actively opposed Zionism and Israel and holding “Zionism is inherently immoral and antithetical to true Judaism”. Neturei Karta, as is often criticized traditional classic argument of the Zionists when the censures come from the ranks of Judaism “these Jews who reject Zionism are hating Jews themselves.” as valid argument says Khaled d’Aymaret “as claiming that the Germans who rejected the Third Reich were Germans who hated Germans themselves or incomplete” Zionism not for its policy of occupation and crimes against the Palestinian population. And it will not until the international community decides to run with Israel a clear policy not to allow further violation of international law, war crimes and crimes against humanity are committed, to continue endorsing by the Western powers such as the United States, France and England that criminal conduct under a double hypocrisy of condemning some and turning a blind eye to the Israeli regime. In Palestine a war is not live, there is an occupation where there is no equivalent opponents, there is no balance against a possible subject to the discretion of a colonial, racist and criminal power company. A Zionist entity that gives an ideological character to a religious belief. An occupying power not only of territories after the war of 1967 but of historic Palestine. Israel is a criminal entelequia that violates every international agreements and resolutions of organizations such as the UN. Israel is an entity under spurious defend those privileges, to continue subjecting a population like Palestine, will continue executing the crimes he has committed since 1948 to date. Israel is the expression of what Zionism has been since its inception in the late nineteenth century: a European ideology, occupying a project carried out by Jewish-European Zionists with the clear objective of Palestinian Jews colonize and make it a State- Nation. Therefore, the unmasking this goal, the colonizer character generates the Zionist leadership linking Zionism with Judaism encouraging a huge international campaign of propaganda, trying to convince that Zionism is inherent essence of the Jewish condition, so that anyone who opposes that condemn, criticize attack this conspiracy is labeled an anti-Semite.
Tough task we have to fight Zionism, some in Palestinian lands suffering the abuse and crime, others within a society that discriminates and attacks daily. Others, denouncing creation inhuman, devoid of dignity and all those who do not think or accept what they say they are contempt. There is much to do, the first thing is to reveal the crime, occupation, racism, with all that the law allows, with all that international law gives us and protects including the fight with every weapon against those who usurps the rights the Palestinian people. Be that, if required, with more than stones.
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