Assad’s wife: ‘I rejected proposals to flee Syria’

Esposa de Al-Asad: ‘Rechacé propuestas para huir de Siria’ – HispanTV

Syrian president’s wife claims to have rejected all the ‘deals’ to leave their country because of the deep crisis.

“I’ve never thought about being elsewhere (…) Yes, I had the chance to leave Syria, let alone flee Syria,” said Asma al-Assad in an interview published Tuesday by the Russian public TV channel Russia 24.

The wife of Bashar al-Assad was responding when asked by a journalist if someone had “advised” to leave the country. In what is believed to be the first interview he has given to foreign media since the outbreak of the crisis, Asma says that bids it has received “included security guarantees and protection” for their children, and even security financial.

These “deals” said the Syrian first lady, were not well-intentioned, but pursued one goal: “a deliberate attempt to undermine the people’s confidence in their president,” he argues.

Report: Terrorists kill the chief bodyguard of the wife of Al-Asad – –

Gunmen in Syria said on Thursday, killing the head of the protection unit bodyguards Asma al-Assad, wife of Syrian President.

Although the wife of the president, the mother of three children, did not appear much before the cameras at the beginning of the conflict in the past two years has seen overturned in the work of supporting the Syrian people near Al-Asad, visiting children and people of the country affected by war, as well as Syrian soldiers wounded in the battle against terrorists.

For over five years, Syria lives mired in a unleashed by armed and terrorist groups trying to overthrow the government of Damascus conflict. According to an estimate of the opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH), the conflict has left some 301,000 dead.

The president of the Arab country has also turned down offers from allies move his family political asylum, arguing that his “is like the rest of Syrian families” so they remain in the Syrian capital.


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