Larijani: “USA extends terrorism through warmongering”

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A senior Iranian parliamentarian warns of the threat of terrorism at the regional and international levels and calls for an effective campaign to eradicate all countries.

“The United States and its allies in the region have created a warmonger climate that has led to the proliferation and increased terrorist groups in the Middle East, but this problem is not limited to our region, but threatens the whole world” said Monday the president of the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran (Mayles), Ali Larijani.

In a meeting held with President of the Senate of the Republic of Czech, Premysl Sobotka, in the capital city of Tehran, Larijani has called for greater international cooperation in fighting terrorism because, in his opinion, to combat this scourge, it is imperative an international campaign.

He also insisted that an effective campaign against terrorism is one that combat this evil phenomenon from its cultural roots.

At another point he referred to the recent international talks on Syria held on Saturday in the Swiss city of Lausanne and regretted that have not been fruitful.

It has also reiterated that the only solution to the Syrian crisis is the political track and all other measures are ineffective.

‘The US is concerned about weakening of terrorists in Syria’ – –

An Iranian headline says that what worries US Syria is the weakening of terrorist groups and strengthening the resistance axis.

“Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, Iran has emphasized on a diplomatic solution to this conflict, however, the super powers and their regional allies do not believe in political dialogue and, in fact, that approach is the leading cause of talks Syria have failed, “said Larijani.

He also warned that efforts to overthrow the legitimate government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, only pave the way for terrorist groups taking control of the Arab country. Syria’s fate rests only his people, he remarks.

In turn, Sobotka has warned of the threat of terrorism and indicates that terrorist groups have emerged as a result of interventionist measures in some countries now represent the greatest threat to global security.

Moreover, the Czech legislator has expressed willingness to cooperate with Prague Tehran in various fields especially in the fight against terrorism.

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