Saudi Arabia seeks to send their deadliest weapons to the terrorists in Syria

Arabia Saudí busca enviar armas ‘más letales’ a ‘rebeldes … – HispanTV

Saudi Foreign Minister reveals that Riyadh and its allies are considering sending ‘lethal weapons’ to armed Syrian opposition groups.

“If the political process will not work (in Syria), we believe that we must work to change the balance of power on the ground, and that can only be achieved by increasing the flow and lethality of weapons that go to the moderate opposition” has Adel al-Jubeir said in an exclusive interview with CNN.

In an excerpt of the interview published Tuesday, the Saudi minister indicates that that possibility is being discussed with partners in Riyadh, including members of the “coalition” that under the pretext of the fight against EIIL (Daesh terrorist group, in Arabic), operating in Syria and Iraq.

“We are discussing this issue with our partners, including the United States and the United Kingdom, and there are steps being taken, but I repeat that this is not something that will announce live,” he adds.

Syrian rebels ask their ‘brother’ Saudi anti-aircraft systems – –

The main group of the ‘Syrian opposition’ asks its Arab allies portable air defense system (MANPADS) to fight the Syrian forces.

The minister’s remarks come to light one day after Russia announced a humanitarian truce in the Syrian city of Aleppo (north) for next October 20 and called the opposition armed groups, described by some Western countries as’ moderate rebels ‘, to leave the city to head towards the region of Idlib.

There are indications that Saudi Arabia, along with some of its allies also seek to overthrow the government of Damascus, sometimes not only inflitrado militants in the ranks of armed groups active in Syria, but has provided these groups different types weapons.

Every day new reports that opposition fighters receive amounts of weaponry, including anti-aircraft portable missiles (MANPADS) to topple Syrian and Russian planes emerge; systems according to other reports indicate could be supplied by Arab Gulf states or Turkey.

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