Terrorists can request US bombing assistance in Syria

Terroristas podrán ‘encargar’ bombardeos de EEUU en Siria – HispanTV

Washington plans to supply the armed factions called “moderate rebels Syrians” trucks equipped with machine guns and radio stations to provide the US Air Force to bomb their targets in Syria, said Tuesday the newspaper The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

Campo de entrenamiento de un grupo terrorista que lucha contra el Gobierno sirio.

Campo de entrenamiento de un grupo terrorista que lucha contra el Gobierno sirio.

“As we announced, Turkey has agreed to be one of the countries in the region to house programs to train and equip Syrian forces moderate opposition”, told reporters the same day, the spokesman of the State Department, Jennifer Psaki, although he acknowledged that Ankara has not yet signed the necessary agreement.

In addition to the Toyota luxury vans, the Syrian opposition and perhaps receive mortars, he reports the New York daily, anti-tank weapons.

The plan, which will apply next month, marks the first time that US weapon openly to these factions, after clandestine operations of the Central Intelligence Agency of the US country (CIA, for its acronym in English), which the WSJ traces back to 2013.

On Thursday 12 February, the Israeli daily Jerusalem Post reported that the so-called “Syrian opposition” had asked the Tel Aviv regime to bomb the Syrian army and detachments of the Islamic Resistance Movement in Lebanon (Hezbollah) in southern Syria .

The Pentagon has already chosen, has been known on Wednesday, 1,200 people to participate in this program, under the pretext of fighting the terrorist Takfiri EIIL (Daesh, in Arabic), occupying for months parts of eastern Syria and northwest Iraq.

In December 2014, the US Congress allocated $ 500 million to the program of “training and equipping” of the Syrian opposition.

On Sunday, Syrian Foreign Ministry condemned US interference and France in its internal affairs after Washington and Paris insist on the ouster of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and denounced the alliance of Western capitals to terrorist forces operating in Iraq.

Since March 2011, Syria is the scene of bloody armed conflict provoked by mercenaries from several countries receiving support from the West and its regional allies to overthrow the legitimate government of Damascus.

The United Nations Organization (UN) estimates that, until mid-January, the Syrian war has caused about 220 thousand deaths and the flight of their homes of several million people.

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