UNRWA: israel is severely impeding Gaza reconstruction

UNRWA: Israel is severely impeding Gaza reconstruction

Palestine Information Center – October 17, 2016

Director of UNRWA Operations (DUO) in Gaza, Bo Schack, on Monday warned that the Israeli authorities are severely impeding Gaza reconstruction.
In a press conference held in Gaza, Schack said that UNRWA has delivered to Israel requests for the reconstruction of 400 homes in Gaza Strip; however, it has not yet received the requested approvals.
UNRWA is making great efforts to solve this problem, he said, warning of the serious humanitarian conditions in the besieged Gaza Strip.
He also warned of the serious implications of the continued Israeli blockade on Gaza Strip.
UNRWA is still facing a budget deficit of $70 million, he stressed, pointing out that ongoing efforts are made to overcome the agency’s financial crisis.
Nearly 400 teachers were employed while 24 new schools were built since the beginning of the year, according to his statements.
The UN official said that UNRWA relief programs are still continuing, denouncing Israeli restrictions on Palestinian economy and development process.
He called for lifting the siege on Gaza and supplying Gaza with electricity, water, and fuel.

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