Philippines after breaking with the USA: Only China can help us

Filipinas tras romper con EEUU: Solo China nos puede ayudar

Philippines after breaking with the US: Only China can help us

‘My grandfather is Chinese. Only China can help us, ‘says the Philippine president in its change of position regarding cooperation with US

“All you have to do is talk, shake hands with officials and say that we are Filipinos and we are willing to cooperate with them (China) to assist us in building our economy and our country,” said Monday Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

The Philippine president made the remarks in an interview with China’s Xinhua news agency, a day before leaving your country for a four-day visit to China.

In this context, Duterte vowed to avoid stoking the dispute with China over ownership of the South China Sea. “It makes no sense to go to war,” he summarized.

On the contrary, the president of the Philippines stressed the need for “dialogue” with its eastern neighbor “without the participation of any hostile mediator”, which pointed out as better than war tensions between the two countries answer.

Philippines ‘crossing the Rubicon’ with US and allied with Russia and China – –

President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, seeks closer relations with China and Russia to deteriorating ties with its US ally.

With earlier date and after several occasions warned that the Philippines with an insulting tone that could break ties with the United States, Manila has expressed its intention to form new alliances with China and Russia, particularly in the area of defense, and it has committed to buying weapons to these countries rather than US

This change in position would jeopardize the interests of American country, it would lose an ally after 2014, with the escalation of tensions around the waters of the South China Sea, he had signed contracts with Washington guaranteeing the presence of ships and US warplanes in the region.

However, after criticism from Washington for the anti-drug campaign of the Philippines, Duterte has had numerous disagreements with US The loudest was when, at a press conference before taking off to Laos to attend a summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN, for its acronym in English), insulted the American president, Barack Obama.

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