Turkey and its provocative presence in Iraq

Turquía y su provocadora presencia en Irak

Turkey, with the excuse of fighting Daesh and PKK, decided to extend its presence in Iraq for 13 months, triggering the possibility of creating a regional confrontation.

While this happens, the Iraqi government began its campaign to regain Mosul.

Iraq, on the decision of the Turkish government, through its Chamber of Deputies voted, earlier this month of October 2016 the project which rejects the decision of the Turkish parliament to prolong the stay of Turkish forces into Iraqi territory, rejecting the incursion of military forces or the presence of any troops on national soil. Iraqi Chamber requested the Government of Baghdad called the Turkish ambassador and deliver a protest note rejecting the presence of Turkish troops and all attacks on Iraqi territory. In addition, the Iraqi parliament, requested the government to take all necessary legal and diplomatic measures to safeguard Iraq’s sovereignty and reconsider trade and economic relations with Turkey.

Turkey and its Western Violations Under Silence

The Turkish presence is rooted in December 2015 when troops of the regime of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, accompanied by air support, armor and tanks forces entered Iraqi territory entering itself a hundred kilometers and settling in the camp Bashiqa, near Mosul. Action that generated the immediate protest of the Iraqi government, which has repeatedly requested that Turkish troops withdraw from its territory as a violation of its sovereignty and international law. The entry and stay of troops in a foreign country without having received invitation or permission of the legitimate government of the country represents a clear and flagrant Article II of the United Nations Charter violation in paragraph IV refers to “members of the organization in their international relations, they refrain from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state or in any other manner inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations “. So far Washington and its Western allies have kept silent accomplice without the subject is touched in bodies such as the UN Security Council

Turkish troops settled in sovereign Iraqi territory near the city of Mosul, capital of the strategic province of Nineveh and the third largest city in Iraq located 380 kilometers north of Baghdad – Mosul is in the hands of terrorist forces of EIIL – Daesh in Arabic – since June 2014 and has meant a tough hurdle for the government forces. The city government headed by Prime Minister Haidar al Abadi, has decided to recover in an offensive that is being fulfilled step by step. Turkey, precisely on the idea of putting pressure on the Iraqi government has defined that also participate in the offensive on Daesh without the legitimate government in Baghdad has requested or required, increasing tensions between the two countries.

Erdogan’s regime argues that his stay in Iraq due to the need to fight the forces of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party – PKK – which according Ankara are housed in Iraqi territory. This, for the Baghdad government represents a flagrant foul truth and especially to the ignorance of the agreements that the Turkish government signed with the PKK as was the Peace Agreement signed with the leader of the Liberation Organization Turkish Kurd Abdullah Öcalam dated 21 March 2013 where in one of its parts the withdrawal of PKK militants in Iraqi territory is established. “Today marks the Iraqi government, it is ironic that Turkey justified its presence in northern Iraq under the pretext of fighting the PKK, which in 2013 asked him to leave Iraq.”

Turkey argues that its presence in the area and even their participation would avoid a possible “interfaith shock” because, as stated by the Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim in an appearance before the parliament of his country “fear that after the removal operation Daesh, these locations – Tal Afar and Mosul could become an area of interfaith confrontation “in a clear interference in the internal affairs of Iraq, Bildirim said” liberate Mosul, regardless of these possible outcomes, is an inappropriate way to Iraq thus yielding to Shiite militias and then add – in the conflict – Kurdish militias would turn there a new fire in Tal Afar live both Sunnis and Shiites and if this balance is disrupted, can occur a great tragedy, a violation of. demographic and ethnic structure and instead of stabilizing, the conflict will deepen ”

Authorities Arab country as Prime Minister Haidar al Abadi, President of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Seyed Amar al-Hakim and the leader of Sadr in Iraq, Muqtada al Sadr Movement have strongly condemned not only the territorial violation of Iraq hands of the Turkish government, but claim to participate in the liberation of the city of Mosul with the stated goal of dividing and thus install a permanent basis of the presence of the Erdogan regime in Iraq. With the idea that allows them to control the Iraqi Kurdish area and thus strike at Syrian Kurds from the rear that this position allows them, creating a fence that can widen the conflict in the region even bloodier dimensions than those living today.

For former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the permanence of the Turkish invading forces near Mosul and the idea of participating in their deliverance from Daesh “aims to divide the city. Therefore the participation of the popular forces in the liberation of Mosul, to support the efforts of the Iraqi Army is necessary, essential as it ensures that Nineveh province, whose capital is Mosul not atomize. The more the final attack on Mosul delayed the situation of this city becomes more complex. ” There will be no more delay, the operation began.

The Turkish presence, a clear strategy to pressure the Iraqi government, but also aimed at creating tensions with Syria and placed in a position of strength “hinge” in the conflict sweeping the Levant, is an illegal presence. This has been made known the Baghdad government from the moment that the Turkish army violated the borders of their country. In letters sent to the United Nations Security Council against Iraq he insisted this agency of the United Nations, the need for Turkey to withdraw its troops without obtaining, until today, a favorable resolution. Mainly by the pressure exerted by the political-military Ankara, represented by the United States, France and Britain are permanent members of the Security Council with veto against any resolution issued partners. Hence the impunity with which the regime of Erdogan acts, not only in matters of violation of Iraq’s sovereignty, but also with Syria and its support for terrorist movements takfiri, occupying Turkish territory as a base for their campaign of attacks against Syrian society.

In support of the Iraqi stance said the Arab League on 24 December 2015, in the city of Cairo and signed by its General Council issued Resolution No. 7987 by which the Turkish government is condemned for its It is considering intervention in Iraqi territory as a violation of Iraq’s sovereignty and urged to withdraw its troops to the border between the two countries. In the same vein, during the 27th summit of the Council of the Arab League, held in the city of Nouakchott, Mauritania on July 25, 2016, Resolution No. 653, which renewed the condemnation of the incursion of Turkish troops was issued in Iraq and he demanded the Turkish government to withdraw its troops immediately and unconditionally. None of these requirements have been met by the government of Ankara without this there was some pressure from other international organizations as given to establish sanctions, blockades or other actions when it is not partner countries of the West and military organizations such as NATO which is the case of Turkey.

Turkey and its aspiration Neo Ottoman

For the Iraqi government, the country is now fighting one of the most important battles, not only to liberate the city of Mosul hands of Salafi extremism, but also in support of the final defeat of these movements, responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths in the region. And this struggle can face without having the presence of Turkish troops, which has its own objectives, which are not part of the objectives of the Iraqi people. The government Haidar al Abadi said that “without a request or approval of the Iraqi government, these troops – Turkish – will be treated as friendly forces in the land of Iraq, and, if absolutely necessary, they were with them according with the provisions of Article 51 of the United Nations Charter, which states: the inherent right of states to act in individual or collective self-defense if an armed attack occurs against a member of the United Nations “.

In terms mentioned above, it has emerged that the government of Iraq has revived the idea of requesting support for Moscow to have the cooperation of the Aerospace Force in the fight against terrorist forces, which can lead to a possible clash with other forces who would act in this fight without the authorization of the legitimate government in Baghdad. Is a truism that aid to Iraq in the areas of military training, technology, weapons, which are necessary to combat, for example, the terrorist organization Daesh – must be made in accordance with bilateral and multilateral treaties and with full respect national sovereignty and the Iraqi constitution and coordination of the Iraqi armed forces. Based on this fact Iraq has vehemently rejected any movement of military troops in the area of combating terrorism without coordination and approval of these by the Iraqi government.

The situation in Mosul, as the days pass and the start of the release operation by the Iraqi Army, has generated a strong tension between Baghdad and Ankara. A few days ago the Iraqi prime minister, Haidar al Abadi recorded that Turkey has not weighed the seriousness of their presence on Iraqi soil warning of the serious consequences that brings with violating the sovereignty of another country. At these words, Erdogan in a clear provocation and insults against al-Abadi said “I do not follow orders from Baghdad. Al Abadi has insulted me and to this I say, first know your limits, you’re not my partner. You’re not at my level, you have my karat not have my quality. We will continue in Iraq, Baghdad will not hear because we have to do whatever is needed there. “

Before the Turkish pachotada Iraqi Prime Minister warned of the possibility that such a confrontation resulting in a regional war “to avoid this possibility we reiterate our invitation for the withdrawal of Turkish troops in a frank gesture to Turkey, our neighbor, to draw their forces having all our efforts, so that output has all possible facilities “.

In that call they have joined the diplomatic representatives of Iraq by the world, as in the case of the Iraqi embassy in Chile, through its Chief of Mission and Charge d’Affaires Mohsin Rajab said “The Embassy of the Republic Iraq in Santiago de Chile calls on behalf of the Government and people of Iraq, friends in the Government and people of Chile, politicians and intellectuals to support Iraq in its condemnation of the illegal Turkish military intervention in the Iraqi territory and to ask Turkey to respect the sovereignty and the border of Iraq and withdraw its troops immediately from northern Iraq without conditions. ”

Despite the call of the Iraqi government, its people and diplomatic representations, the Turkish regime is determined to generate a political and military situation in the Middle East enabling him to pursue if influence on the course of events, in that dream Neo Ottoman derivative the doctrine of strategic depth promoted by former Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu. One idea that has been unfolding with the statement made on Sunday 16 October by the Turkish Minister of Defense, Fikri Isik to create a security zone in northern Syria 45 kilometers “Our armed forces are intended to destroy positions terrorists further away and it will create a security zone in northern Syria and thus remove the threat to our territory, “area which is logically violation of Syrian sovereignty, violates international law and will join probably , the decision by the Turkish regime to create another zone in northern Iraq – near Mosul and expand the dreams of greatness Neo Ottoman regime Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Despite the pressures and provocations Turkish and Western interests in the region, the Iraqi government began its offensive Mosul recovery. This was stated Haidar al-Abadi “The time has come victory and operations have begun to liberate Mosul. The driving force operations release is the brave Iraqi army and national police. They come in Mosul and not others. This year will be the year of release, as promised. The national flag will be hoisted in Mosul and called Mosul citizens to cooperate with Iraqi forces in operations “that according to a report delivered by the Iraqi government itself rise above the 60 thousand troops. The battle for Mosul has begun to move.

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