Samantha Power spitting fire, threatens 12 Syrian Generals with a trial, forgetting the fact USA has neither the authority or ability to do that

US Vows Syrian Generals Will Face Trial

Ambassador Power Singles Out 12 Military Leaders

US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power today singled out a list of 12 Syrian military leaders, including ten generals and two colonels, who she said were responsible for leading attacks on civilians during the Syrian Civil War, and will “one day face justice.”

Power insisted the US are “documented their abuses” and that the military figures will one day be held accountable. Russian Deputy Ambassador Vladimir Safronkov criticized Power for not naming any militants in the list of people the US is out to get.

It’s not clear these comments are going to amount to anything at any rate, as President-elect Donald Trump is keen to shift focus in Syria to fighting against the rebels, and not trying to impose regime change. This presumably would shift US focus away from war crimes charges for Syrian generals.

Even then, Syria isn’t a member of the International Criminal Court, which seems to limit the possibility of any international legal moves against their military. The US of course is familiar with this, as the US State Department has similarly argued US military personnel are immune to ICC prosecution as a non-member nation.


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  1. This R2P bitch Power should be prosecuted herself for all the murder and mayhem for which she has cheer-led in country after country, starting with Palestine’s torment at the bloody-Nazi hands of the Zioentity so-called Israel. Power is drunk on “power” and hubris in her role as spokesperson for the criminal US in the august (sic) halls and chamber of the UNSecurity Council and other venues. I’ll be glad when her ass is removed as ambassador concurrent with Trump’s ascent to POTUS. She’s undoubtedly looking forward to mega speaking fees to neolib audiences; if I could, I’d throw a mega shoe at her face and body during any such appearance.

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