USA polluting the entire world

Clear abandoned US military waste, Greenland urges Denmark

RT | November 27, 2016

57db2296c46188744c8b46e4Greenland has urged Denmark to clean up the abandoned US military installations on the Arctic island, including Camp Century under-ice nuclear missile project, saying that they pose a threat to the environment.

Thirty-three American military bases and radar stations were built on the world’s largest island under a 1951 deal between NATO allies Denmark and the US.

Greenland had no say in the decision due to being a Danish province at the time, only gaining greater autonomy from Copenhagen in 2009.

The US-Danish agreement does not specify the side responsible for the cleanup, but Greenland’s authorities say they have had enough of rusting American military constructions.

“Unless Denmark has entered other agreements with the United States about Camp Century, the responsibility for investigation and cleanup lies with Denmark alone,” Vittus Qujaukitsoq, Greenland’s foreign minister, said.

Earlier this week, AP obtained a letter which Qujaukitsoq sent to his Danish counterpart, Kristian Jensen, asking about Copenhagen’s plans for the US facility that, according to an international study, contains “radioactivity, oil and PCB pollution.”

He also warned that Greenland would address “relevant international organizations” to help with the cleanup if Denmark refuses to act.

Camp Century was built in 1959-60 in the northwestern part of Greenland. Washington said that the site was designed to test sub-ice construction techniques, but it was actually planned to be used as a top secret launch facility for ballistic missiles that could reach the USSR.

The ambitious project was, however, scrapped in 1966 after the ice cap started crushing the construction.

When the Americans left, they only took the nuclear reactor that powered Camp Century with them.

According to a study published in Geophysical Research Letters in August, an estimated 200,000 liters of diesel oil and sewage have been left on the site.

US Navy Plans To Release 20,000 Tons Of Explosives, Heavy Metals Into Pacific Ocean

By Whitney Webb | True Activist | November 25, 2016

The US Navy is set to release massive amounts of explosives and contaminants along the country’s Western coast over the next 20 years.

Several times a year, the US publicizes its “war games,” both domestic and abroad, allowing the massive, heavily-funded US military to showcase its might, develop new strategies, and test combat readiness. Yet, ignored all too often is the environmental impact of these exercises which, since World War I, have left behind tons of bombs, heavy metals, explosives, depleted uranium, missiles, and sonar buoys, which contaminate the world’s oceans and harm humans and marine animals alike. Even though the outright dumping of chemical weapons was banned in 1972, the Navy has continued to carry out a policy of “leaving behind” munitions and explosives following its military exercises. The Navy, for its part, insists that the “contamination of the marine environment by munitions constituent is not well documented,” though critics insist that the Navy has intentionally not looked for or measured its environmental impacts

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