Obama is illegally bombing in Syria and trying to oust Assad yet complains that Russia meddled in the election

Obama is bombing Syria and trying to oust Assad yet complains that Russia meddled in the election

Yes. That is how stupid things are today.

America has been in the business of ‘nation building’ for generations – installing and deposing of nations leaders whenever they felt like it.
The whole Arab Spring was the US meddling and creating the situation for the upheaval that happened in those countries. Now Obama is whining that maybe Putin hacked some emails.

Obama and the CIA have MURDERED nations leaders.

On 60 Minutes, President Obama flatly stated the US plan for Syria leaves no room for President Assad, the democratically-elected leader of the country. As Obama backs away from his “no boots on the ground” promise, he drops a bomb on the American people as big as any that have hit Syria. Image credit: wikimedia.org

“We are not going to stabilize Syria under the rule of Assad.”

It’s very clear that the United States’ plan is to remove the ISIS threat and stabilize the country. To say that it will not be done under Assad means only one thing: it is the US government’s plan to remove him from power. The US media obediently ignored this statement, allowing the President to quietly tell the American people that the United States is headed towards another regime change operation followed by a lengthy occupation. This is not a simple statement indicating that the United States will not cooperate with Assad’s government during the war. It is a direct statement showing that the United States is planning to have Assad out before the country is stabilized.

The Clintons and Obama have made many powerful enemies. They are surrounded by liars who say no one is more powerful than America that America will protect them, and they will never suffer direct consequences. These advisors constantly give them false assurance that they will never be a victim, only a victimizer.

There are literally now millions of people with means of inflicting hurt directly and indirectly on American ruling class elites.

American elites leave a digital trail of their crimes without regard then appear shocked when their well documented crimes are hacked and exposed.

The big mistake was when Obama and the Anglo Israelis made their move on Khadaffi and ripped off China in Libya. Yeah they gave him butthurt when Clintons deathsquad shoved that knife up Khadaffi’s ass. Hilly got a little cackle from that.

The media should have been mortified, but they are so twisted mentally, they are just actors. Not journalists.

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