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Make this viral, folks.  You cannot get better than this audio.  John Kerry is caught admitting to supporting terror in Syria as he speaks to a gang of psychopaths from the so-called “opposition”.  You will not believe your ears.



We can confirm the death of 101 ISIS vultures at the Tiyaas Hills north of the 4th Station near the Tayfoor (T-4) A.B.  1 tanks was set ablaze by an SAA helicopter gunship and 6 4-wheel drive pickups were destroyed with all their passengers.  The Tayfoor AB is now completely secure.



Don’t be fooled by the English language on these rockets. They are super-high intensity-filled RDX rockets made by France.  The reason the English is imprinted on the cover is because they are bought by Saudi Arabia where the cockroaches either speak monkey-talk or English.  This batch was discovered in northern Hama.  There were 45 or these 68mm missiles.  There were also many 81mm mortar rockets.   The arsenal was uncovered after weeks of surveillance by our security services and because loyal citizens broke the news about this peculiar weapons warehouse.  



Syrian engineers were to work round the clock to get the water pumps at ‘Ayn Al-Feeja working now that 5,000 rodents have agreed to leave.


In a new agreement with the villages of Balda, Babeelaa, Bayt Sahm, south of Damascus, 5,000 rodents will be deciding their own fate:  die, remove to Idlib or join the Syrian Army’s allies? That’s all they have left as villagers, urged on by local notables, have made it clear that the terrorist presence is unacceptable.  Many of the 5,000 rats belong to these organizations:

Jaysh Al-Islam

Jaysh Al-Abaabeel

Liwaa` Shaam Al-Rasool

Ahraar Al-Shaam

Liwaa` Shuhadaa` Al-Islam

Aknaaf Bayt Al-Maqdis

Kataa`ib Al-Furqaan

Al-Ittihaad Al-Islami Li-Ajnaad Al-Shaam

Liwaa` Mujaahideen Al-Shaam


Terrified by the prospect of losing 5,000 rats in the south, Jaysh Al-Islam started firing missiles at their own litter-mates in an effort to convince them not to abandon their positions in the three villages.  It appears that very soon the JI will be fighting against its own rats who have turned coat and started fighting with the PDC.  Ironic.

Just as interesting was the  hysterical response of Nusra near the village of Dayr Muqrin.  They started firing rockets at the SAA engineering team which was slated to repair the lower station to permit the flow of water to 5 million Damascenes.  As of right now, there is no cease fire in place.  The SAAF has been pounding Nusra/Alqaeda positions near Waadi Baradaa.  Exclusive to SyrPer:  My source in Damascus tells me that Saudi Arabian monkeys were intercepted speaking to Nusra terrorists insisting that they not agree to a pullout.  This is a violation of international and an open declaration of support for terrorism.

Other aspects of the deal is that those who have surrendered to the army and who have dodged the draft will be forced to complete military service.  Also, and most importantly, the terrorists will give the SAA all charts indicating the presence of mines and IEDs all over the countryside.  They have agreed to this.



A Hizbollah weaponized drone killed a senior commander of Nusra/Alqaeda near the besieged towns of Al-Faw’ah and Kafarayyaa.  Along with his son, who was killed, were two other rodents.  The terrorist was:

Yunus Shu’ayb (Abu Hassan Taftanaaz)

It is believed that the drone was designed from a reverse-engineered American drone shot down by the Iranians.



The terrorists are trying to negotiate their way out of the mess they created in Waadi Baradaa.  Read this one sent by Wa A Ha:

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A main member of the hotelier opposition, Nawaaf Al-Basheer, has returned to Syria to reaffirm his loyalty to his people, army and president:

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