Lebanon’s General Security Arrests 5 People on Charges of Collaboration with Zionist Enemy


January 25, 2017

General Security

Lebanon’s General Security arrested on Wednesday two Lebanese, a Palestinian and two Nepalese women on the offense of spying in favor of embassies of the Israeli enemy abroad.

The General Security Directorate’s media office issued on Wednesday the following statement:

“In the context of its monitoring of spying operations in favor of the Israeli enemy, and its work on dismantling similar networks inside Lebanon, and after careful and intensive follow-up, and building on the signal of the relevant public prosecutor, the General Directorate of General Security arrested two Lebanese, one of them born in 1977 and the other in 1982, as well as a Palestinian refugee in Lebanon born in 1992, and two Nepalese women (1991 and 1993) on the offense of spying in favor of embassies of the Israeli enemy abroad.”

During their interrogation, the arrestees confessed to the crime attributed to them, and admitted having contacted by phone the embassies of the Israeli enemy in Turkey, Jordan, Britain and Nepal in order to collaborate with it and provide it with information.

Investigations also revealed that the two Nepalese who were arrested were active in recruiting domestic workers, from the Nepalese community in Lebanon, in favor of the Israeli enemy, through providing them with the phone number of the Israeli Embassy in Nepal to communicate with it and gather for its sake information on their sponsors; information that serve the intelligence service of the Israeli enemy (the Mossad).

“After their interrogation, the arrestees were referred to the competent court on the offense of collaboration with the Israeli enemy, and work is underway to arrest the rest of the people involved,” the statement said.

Source: NNA



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